3D4D Challenge Claimed By WOOF

The 3D4D challenge winner was announced and it’s the University of Washington Open Object Fabricators, a.k.a. “WOOF”. They received the prize of USD$100,000 during the


Millions To Form 1

We’ve all heard about the success of Formlab’s incredible fundraising success on the launch of their new Form 1 resin-based 3D printer, but how well


3D Printing Event Next Week

Don’t forget to attend the 3D Printing Event in Eindhoven, Netherlands next week if you happen to be nearby. The event now includes over 30


EuroMold Set For November

The definitive conference for 3D printing seems to be Euromold, a large manufacturing conference held in Frankfurt, Germany each November. It’s called the “World Fair

3D Systems

Popular Mechanics Likes The Cube

3D Systems’ new personal 3D printer, The Cube, has been awarded the 2012 Breakthrough Award by Popular Mechanics magazine.    This annual award is presented


More 3D Gun Printing Controversy

This topic just won’t go away. Last week 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys revoked the 3D printer lease of Defense Distributed, a team intent on producing


The 2013 Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge

Each year Stratasys sponsors an excellent competition between students to determine the most interesting and useful 3D printable designs. This year they’re launching the 2013

3D Systems

Smithsonian Partners with 3D Systems

In an interesting move the venerable Smithsonian Institution has partnered with 3D Systems to provide “3D printing services and technology”. 3D Systems President and CEO Abe

3D Printing Survey

We just noticed an online survey of 3D printing usage that readers may be interested in filling out.    Created by Spanish mechanical/product engineer JulioHCD,


Neri Oxman Exhibition Video

Oh, you DIDN’T manage to get to Paris to view Neri Oxman’s astonishing display of multicolor 3D prints at Centre Pompidou? We managed to do


Shapeways Gets A New Engine

Did you visit Shapeways recently? It’s different – but not different visually. Instead the techs at Shapeways have replaced the software engines running behind their


Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Design Challenge

We’re reviewing the winning entries to Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Design Challenge and we like what we see.    There are some very interesting designs, including


3D Printed Weaponry Now Functional

Another first for 3D printing: A pistol constructed from 3D printed parts has been successfully fired.    The gun design was an AR-15, a “a lightweight,


Learn How To Build Your Own 3D Printer

We know you’re interested in building a 3D printer from kit parts, but perhaps you’re a bit apprehensive taking on such a complex assembly job?


WOOF’s 3D Printed Boat

The University of Washington’s WOOF group (Washington Open Object Fabricators) did something we haven’t seen yet: they produced a 3D printed boat that didn’t sink.


3D Printing A Canadian Cabinet Minister

During an official visit to the AssentWorks Makerspace in Winnipeg, Canadian Federal Cabinet Minister Tony Clement had his picture taken numerous times, as typically happens


3D Printed Design Awards In Barcelona

Barcelona’s Association of Industrial Design has selected several student projects for Student Industrial Design Awards at the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering and we


The Rygo – Printed

We wrote of an unusual crowd funding project to back what would be North America’s largest 3D print to date. The project was to print


3D Printer Releases at RAPID 2012

At the SME’s RAPID 2012 conference and exposition, four new 3D printers were announced by Objet, Mcor, envisionTEC and 3D Systems. These systems cover the

3D Systems

3D System’s Smarter 3D Printing

Industry giant 3D Systems intends on teaching you a lot more about 3D printing with their new seminar series entitled, “Smarter 3D Printing”. These seminars


A Few Cubify Developments

3D Systems’ Cube personal 3D printer has only been available for a few weeks now, but this week we noticed a few interesting developments.   


3D Worms Infect The Net!

Do you use AutoCAD? If so you might be a victim of one of the most unusual cases of 3D theft we’ve seen yet.   


The 3DPrintShow In London

In London this October is the 3DPrintShow, three days of exhibitions and shows all about 3D printing.    Taking place from October 19th through the


Fashion and Jewelry 3D Printing Workshop

Interested in fashion or jewelry design? Want to do it with 3D printing technology? If so, you may want to attend one of the workshops


GrabCAD’s Tool Challenge

GrabCAD is one of the world’s largest repositories of (mostly CAD) 3D models and one of the largest groups of designers, too (250,000+). This means


3D Printing Community Survey Results

Some time ago we directed Fabbaloo readers to an academic survey of the 3D printing community sponsored by the P2P Foundation. Now, the results are


Invent a Filament Maker, Win $40K!

You’ve got a personal filament-based 3D printer, like a MakerBot, BFB or BotMill. You need filament to print with. What do you do? You shop


You Can Help Makerspaces Today

Many Fabbaloo readers are members or supporters of Makerspaces – those amazing local labs offering the public the opportunity to gain low cost access to


More 3D Printed Fashion from Rapid 2012

We’ve received additional images and now a video of the 3D printed fashion event held at Rapid 2012 this past week from NYC-based designer Aaron


Sculpteo’s iPhone Case Contest

3D print service Sculpteo has launched an interesting contest for those interested in designing unique cases for iPhone 4’s. They’re seeking “the best iPhone 4


Rapid 2012’s Fashion Show: Pics

We weren’t able to attend Rapid 2012’s 3D printed fashion show, but we obtained photos of the event for your perusal today courtesy of designer


3D Printed Fashion at Rapid 2012

While much of Rapid 2012 centered on manufacturing and part development and analysis, we observed a fair bit of fashion. Here’s what we saw.   


Around the Show Floor at Rapid 2012

While we’re intending on writing up several posts on our observations at Rapid 2012, we thought we’d start with a very cool selection of awesome

3D Printing Community Survey

Do you like surveys? Ok, some people don’t. But this one might be important. PeerProductions is running a survey dedicated to 3D printing and would


Fabbaloo Visits London

It’s time for a road trip! As luck would have it, Fabbaloo will be visiting London this coming week. We’ll be hanging around the city


The Secret Color Process

As much as we’d like to have attended Neri Oxman’s talk at Centre Pompidou in Paris the other day, we were simply unable to get


Human vs 3D Printer: The Sequel

It was only a few days ago that UK designer Dominic Wilcox challenged a 3D printer to a mano-a-mano duel to produce a model of


MakerBot Discontinues the Thing-O-Matic

Personal 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot has announced their popular Thing-O-Matic 3D printer will no longer be offered for sale. They have, of course, replaced it


3D Printing Discount Available

Some say that 3D printing services are expensive, and that may or may not be the case depending on your situation. However, we do know


I’m Printing On A Jet Plane

Almost. MakerBot posts an incredible story of Japanese designer Yoshishiro Shibata, who desperately required a shield for the robot he was taking to Robogames. Why


Human Races 3D Printer. Who Won?

Are robots (and 3D printers) taking over the world? Perhaps not yet, but the signs are clearly visible. Some may be concerned with this development,


The 3D4D Challenge

There’s a new 3D printing contest about to begin, but this one is a little different. The 3D4D Challenge is focused on charity. Organized by


Extreme Redesign 2012 Winners Announced

The 2012 Extreme Redesign Contest is completed and the winners have been announced by sponsor Stratasys. Winners were selected in four categories: Middle/High School, College

3D Systems

That Cubify Van

To promote their new Cube 3D printer and Cubify 3D printing community, 3D Systems has a tricked out van shuttling around the USA. The van

3D Systems

3D Systems Added to S&P SmallCap 600 Index

Standard and Poors have added 3D Systems to their SmallCap 600 index. The index is a basket of (surprise) 600 companies whose aggregated stock prices

3D Systems

3D Systems Picks Up Robots, And More

Industry giant 3D Systems has made another acquisition, and this one appears to be a little different than previous purchases. They’ve acquired specialty 3D print


A Call For A 3D Printing X-Prize

After re-reading our post on entrepreneur Peter Diamandis’ new book, Abundance, we were reminded that Diamandis was the original proposer of the X Prize. The

3D Systems

The Cube on CNN

Big media coverage for 3D Systems this week: 3D Systems CEO Abe Reichental appeared on CNN to demonstrated their new USD$1300 “Cube” personal 3D printer.


Open3DP is Now Open3DP

The busy folks at the University of Washington’s Solheim Additive Manufacturing Laboratory in their Mechanical Engineering Department have opened up again.    Opened up? That’s


Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

Stratasys sponsors the Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge each year and they’ve just announced the finalists in the three categories: Art & Architecture; Middle /


Open3DP is Now Open3DP

The busy folks at the University of Washington’s Solheim Additive Manufacturing  Laboratory in the Mechanical Engineering Department have opened up again.    Opened up? That’s


Scream A 3D Print, Literally

A truly amazing installation of what’s called “Production Art” is now open for viewing – and screaming – at Rabobank HQ in Utrecht, Netherlands. Screaming,


3D Printing Seeps Into The Arts

When you envision the opening of a new school for the Creative and Performing Arts, sponsored by filmmaker Sir Richard Taylor, head of WETA, you’d


The Useful iPod Nano Watchband

You’ve no doubt seen those squarish iPod Nano’s in the Apple Store. They’re so square that someone long ago thought they’d be easily transformed into


GrabCAD Ceramic 3D Printing Contest

GrabCAD is pretty huge library of useful mechanical 3D models – evidently well over 25,000 models as of this writing. But that’s not what we


Ten Years of Inexpensive 3D Printing

Industry giant Stratasys just reminded us that it’s actually been ten years since they introduced a low cost 3D printer to the world. The term


RAPID 3D Printed Clothing?

The annual RAPID additive manufacturing conference takes place this May in Atlanta and we’re expecting to see some interesting product announcements as usual.    However,


Win an Objet 3D Printer

There seems to be a great many 3D printing contests lately, often offering a prize of “your object being 3D printed”. Some even offer a


3D printing Down Under

Would you happen to be in the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia on February 20th? You may be able to attend the “3D Printing Forum:


It’s Valentine’s Day At BotMill

Normally a day for lovers, Valentine’s is apparently a day for shopping at BotMill, makers of some fine assembled personal 3D printers.    BotMill is


On The Road With 3D Printing

The Pocket Factory Project seems a little crazy at first, but then it starts to make more sense in this rapidly evolving 21st century. It’s


Send To Print/ Print To Send

We previously mentioned the exhibition at London’s Aram Gallery entitled “Send To Print/ Print To Send”, in which artists explore the possibilities using 3D printing

Want To Attend A 3D Printing Conference?

Having unfortunately missed this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, we’ve been wondering what other conferences and trade shows exist that might include 3D printing content. Searches


Time to Enter The Extreme Redesign Contest

Stratasys’ annual Extreme Redesign Contest for students is open – but only until the deadline of February 2. If you’ve been thinking about entering, think

3D Systems

3D Printing Buzz Increases

With the close of the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show it seems like a good time to check the buzz level of 3D printing, which we


Unboxing A Stratasys

Brad Rigdon, the owner of PrintTo3D, a small 3D print service just received a brand new Stratasys Fortus 250mc commercial 3D printer. While we often


BotMill Holiday Discounts

BotMill announced some serious discounts on their personal 3D printers just in time for holiday shopping.    The discounts apply to both their Axis kit


Christmas at Bits From Bytes

The folks at Bits From Bytes have an interesting giveaway taking place this holiday season: their Advent Calendar 2011. According to Wikipedia, an Advent Calendar


Up! 3D Printers On Sale

Want an Up! personal 3D printer? This just might be the right time to buy if you are located in the USA as they’re on


Announcing Mallyable!

Fabbaloo is very pleased to announce our new venture: Mallyable!    Mallyable is a new online store providing easy-to-use, beautiful and low cost 3D models


The Customised Design Event

We’ve learned of an upcoming event for those in the UK interested in 3D printing: The University of Hertfordshire and the British Library are putting

Open Source 3-D Printer Design Competition

Queen’s University and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada are sponsoring a new competition for sustainable development. The competition asks that you


Free 3D Printed Christmas Ornaments

Happen to be using i.Materialise’s 3D printing service? Plan on erecting a Christmas tree in your home? If you answered yes to both of those


3D Printing Event Ends, But Not Really

Unfortunately we were not able to attend the first 3D Printing Event that took place in Eindhoven on 25 October. If you couldn’t attend either


Extreme Redesign Contest Winners for 2011

The winners in Dimension’s Extreme Redesign contest for this year have been announced! As is the case every year, the contest has three major categories:


3D Printed Crabs

No, we’re not talking about pretty little crab toys you can print and hand out to your 8 year old nephew. Instead we’re talking about


Crania Anatomica Filigre Results

KickStarter, the crowdsourced fundraising site continues to amaze us. As does this particular project, Crania Anatomica Filigre. As you can see, it’s an extremely cool


3D Printing Event Soon

If you happen to be in Eindhoven on the 25th, you might head down to 3D Printing Event 2011. The theme of the event is


Free 123D T-Shirts!

Autodesk is running a promotion to raise interest in their new web-based 3D modeling tool, 123D, which we’ve written about before.    You don’t get


Industrial Revolution 2.0 Held Over

What? You weren’t able to attend the London Design Festival this year and missed out seeing Murray Moss’s “Industrial Revolution 2.0” display? Well, now you


Something Cooking at MCOR?

MCOR makes 3D printers that use inexpensive common paper as their print material, and they’ve been relatively successful. But we’re hearing something rather strange about

Exclusive Video: 3D Printed Car Unveiled

Last night Fabbaloo attended the official unveiling of the Urbee 3D printed car, which we’ve covered previously. The Urbee is an ultra-efficient urban vehicle prototype


Industrial Revolution 2.0

Industrial Revolution 2.0 is the name of a special event taking place at this year’s London Design Festival. This event is located at the Victoria


Shapeways Teaches 3D Design

In an effort to generate more Shapeways designers, Shapeways is offering an in-class evening training class New York City on September 13th. They’re hoping to


New York City Ground Zero Model

An amazing three-part model of New York City’s Ground Zero is now on display at the Manhattan’s New York City Fire Museum. The three part


The V&A Goes 3D

If you’re visiting London soon, we’d recommend you spend some time at the Victoria and Albert Museum, home of incredible deisgns of all kinds. Typically

fab at home

3D Systems Acquires … Jim!

Jim Smith of Grass Roots Engineering has been working on 3D printing technology for quite a while, building such amazing machines as shown in the

virtual reality

Virtual To Physical World Bridge Reopened

Long time Fabbaloo readers may recall a distant post describing the Fabjectory service that could 3D print your Second Life avatar. Fabjectory has long since


3D Printing Event Coming Soon!

We’ve learned of an important 3D printing event taking place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands this October 25th. The event is named, not surprisingly, the “3D

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