Apple Shocks With LiDAR-Equipped iPad

Apple has surprisingly introduced a new iPad that includes a LiDAR depth sensor, potentially allowing the introdution of new, inexpensive mobile 3D scanning systems.

ZMorph Ups Laser Engraving Capabilities

Multi-functional 3D printers offer just that — multiple functions. As the technologies progress, so do the capabilities possible for desktop fabrication.

hands on

Hands On With The Prusa MMU2S, Part 3

We tested the Prusa Research MMU2S multi-material 3D printer upgrade kit and learned a great deal about 3D printing. Part 3 deals with troubleshooting and eventual success.

hands on

Hands On With The Prusa MMU2S, Part 2

We tested the Prusa Research MMU2S multi-material 3D printer upgrade kit and learned a great deal about 3D printing. Part 2 deals with assembly and initial testing.

hands on

Hands On With The Prusa MMU2S, Part 1

We tested the Prusa Research MMU2S multi-material 3D printer upgrade kit and learned a great deal about 3D printing. Part 1 deals with concepts and assembly.


The Calibry Handheld 3D Scanner

The Calibry handheld 3D scanner is a highly flexible and accurate device that can capture detailed 3D models of many subjects, at a very low cost.

b3 innovations

Pico Hybrid Hot End Arrives!

Metaform is about to launch a very powerful hybrid 3D printer hot end that is not only very tiny, but can 3D print both flexible and higher temperature materials.


peel 3D Announces The peel 2 CAD 3D Scanner

peel 3D just announced a new professional handheld 3D scanner, the peel 2 CAD, which includes some intriguing workflow simplification features.


The Copperhead 3D Printer Hot End

Slice Engineering has developed a new, highly efficient hot end that could be very suitable for use in high temperature 3D printing applications.


The PrintDry Filament Dryer 2.0

PrintDry released an updated version of their popular desktop 3D printer filament dryer, which can dramatically increase the quality of hydroscopic 3D printer materials such as nylon.

heat bed

Prusa No Longer Producing Loudspeakers

What should a 3D printer company do if they have a hardware problem? Tell us about it! That’s what Prusa Research did for a crazy heat bed noise issue.


3devo Focusing On Customer Training

Is it really possible to produce your own 3D printer filaments? 3devo seems to have figured out not only the hardware to do so, but also the process.

die cast

E3D-Online Announces The Hermes System

E3D-Online announced a breakthrough 3D printing extruder / hot end system called Hermes. It offers a very powerful feature, yet is still low priced.


How To Save Your $25K Metal 3D Print From Failure

What happens when an expensive metal 3D print fails and no one is around? The Polysense Solutions sensor will detect and alert additive manufacturing operators in real time.

carbon fiber

Metal And Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Farms

3D printer farms aren’t a new concept — but the advantages of grouping together high-strength 3D printing units are growing. Markforged has just introduced its

browns brain

The BB023 Spool Tracker

How much filament is left on that spool? If you don’t know, you might need a spool tracking device. The BB023 fits on a 3D printer and counts the length remaining.

$Original 3D Scanner

The State of 3D Scanning 160 Years Ago

Ever wonder when 3D scanning was invented? It seems that a form of 3D scan, called Photosculpture, was developed in the 1800s by a French artist.

$broken glass build plate

How To Break A 3D Printer’s Glass Build Plate

Have you ever broken a 3D printer build plate? We did! Our glass build plate had a sad case of over-adhesion on a PLA print that could not be removed.


What’s In E3D-Online’s Mystery Boxes?

E3D-Online produces some of the highest-quality 3D printer components used in the industry, and now you can obtain a batch of them at very low cost.

$3D food printing nozzle

A Coaxial 3D Print Extruder?

Ever heard of a coaxial nozzle for 3D printing? This is an experimental version being used for unusual food 3D printing.

$neon colored 3D prints

How Advanced Can 3D Printed Colors Be?

I spoke with DyeMansion’s Chief Customer Officer, Kai Witter, about the company’s new advanced 3D print color systems.

$E3D-Online Story

E3D-Online’s Origin Story

We had a chat with E3D-Online co-founder Sanjay Mortimer to find out more about the company.

$nozzle removal tool

The ZCatch Nozzle Removal Tool

The ZCatch nozzle removal tool should be a tool found in every 3D printer operator’s toolbox.

$new kinect 3D scanner

The Kinect Is Not Dead!

Microsoft announced a new version of their handheld 3D scanner, and it may have some implications for 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies

Realizing 3D Printing’s Potential via Automated Post-Processing Tech

As the 3D printing space continues to transform into something that fits into industrial factory settings, we’ve seen materials expand, systems improve, and a trend toward automation. What has so far seemed to be the missing piece is an equal improvement in post-processing technologies.


The Prusa Bear Upgrade

There’s an exciting upgrade for the most popular 3D printer around: the Prusa Bear Upgrade.


The Spül Tracker Is Coming

There seems to be a very interesting 3D printing accessory in the works, the “Spül Tracker”.


The SOL 3D Scanner

Scan Dimension has released a new tabletop 3D scanner, the SOL.


The Wham Bam PEX Solution

Wham Bam offers an unusual bed adhesion system that seems more capable than many alternatives.


nScrypt Goes Metal

A new metal solution promises fine-detailed 3D printing.


Einscan-SP 3D Scanner [Review]

We seasoned digital craftspeople can take an idea from a digital model to a physical concept with lightning speed.

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