Airwolf 3D’s New Direct Drive Option

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Airwolf3D announced a new option for their AXIOM and AXIOMe 3D printers: direct drive. 


Cosine Additive Adds “Tandem Mode”

Large-format 3D printer manufacturer Cosine Additive has developed a powerful new feature that they call “Tandem” printing. 


Multi-Nozzle Desktop 3D Printers Just Died

I’ve never been a big fan of dual (or more) nozzle 3D printers because of the problems inherent in the design, but now, perhaps, that style may be heading out with a development from Prusa Research. 


Dyze Design’s New DyzeXtruder GT

Montreal’s Dyze Design has released a new version of their 3D printer extruder mechanism and it seems to include many interesting design features. 


Two 3D Printer Liquid Adhesives You Can Buy

The eternal problem of extrusion-based desktop 3D printers is bed adhesion. Here are two commercial solutions specifically designed for that purpose. 


Two Neat Features on the FELIX Pro 1

The other week we had a really close look at the FELIX Pro 1 and found a couple of very interesting features. 


BuildTak’s New FlexPlate System

BuildTak has become a very popular solution to hold down prints on otherwise uncooperative desktop 3D printers, but now they’ve come up with a new approach. 


A Pasty Option For Ultimaker 3D Printing

Strucur3D announced they’ve established an intimate relationship with Ultimaker to enable plug-and-play paste extrusion on Ultimaker equipment. 


3DPrinterOS Gains Some Portability

One of the leading cloud-based 3D printing services just made life a lot easier by supporting the Raspberry Pi 3. 


Mosaic Manufacturing Finally Ships The Palette

If you’re looking for a fascinating way to coax your monocolor 3D printer into producing multiple colors, you can now obtain a Palette from Mosaic Manufacturing.


The REVOCaster Is Now Live

Back in 2014 I wrote on the REVOcaster, a rotational casting device that could complement any 3D printer operation. Now it’s available for order. 


The Case For Adding Injection Molding Capability

Readers of this blog are by definition interested in 3D printing, but there are other ways to manufacture objects. One of them worth considering is injection molding. 


Fuel3D’s Journey To A New 3D Space

We chatted recently with Fuel3D CMO Philip Newman and learned the company has taken some big steps, and they’re not in 3D printing. 


Wim3rl: A Water-Cooled 3D Printhead

There’s an unusual piece of hardware available for pre-order: a water-cooled 3D print head designed for delta-style 3D printers. 


Open Edge’s Strange But Amazing 3D Print Nozzle

Open Edge first appeared years ago when they began with the FoldaRap folding 3D printer, but now they’re on to something quite interesting: a very sophisticated nozzle. 


Another Sticky Option: 3DLAC

There’s yet another option to ensure your 3D prints stick to the print surface during printing: 3DLAC.


The Many Plugins Available For OctoPrint

We’ve been looking through a site chock-full of plugins for 3D printer management software OctoPrint, and there’s some very useful functions present. 


ZMorph Adds Three More

3D printer manufacturer ZMorph has released no less than three new toolheads for their device. 


3D Printer “Dough Cannon” Struggles

A Kickstarter project to develop a unique extruder specifically for 3D printed dough seems to be having trouble raising funds. 


SKY-TECH’s New 3D Scanner

Taiwan-based SKY-TECH has announced a new handheld 3D scanner based on Intel Realsense, the 3D Hermes.


The RangeVision Portable 3D Scanner

Russia-based RangeVision produces a portable 3D scanner that can produce very good results: the RangeVision Smart. 

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