Is Stratasys Feeling The Pressure From Below?

Stratasys launched an unusual marketing campaign that for the first time targets users of low-cost alternative 3D printing equipment. Why did they do this?


Ford vs. Ferrari: Using 3D Printing

Charles Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi consider how two prominent automotive firms, Ferrari and Ford, are using 3D printing.


3D Printing Disappearing Into Specialized Firms

The use of “3D Printing” is beginning to fade, at least with respect to application-focused 3D print services. As for the rest, we’ll find out what happens.


Implications of Volumetric 3D Printing

Several ventures and projects are now working on a powerful new concept called volumetric 3D printing. We have some thoughts on the implications of such a process.


Seven Ways A Business Could Begin 3D Printing

Many small businesses don’t yet use 3D printing, but probably could benefit from the technology. We list seven ways to help get that process started.


Are Quiet 3D Printers A Good Thing?

Many new 3D printers seem to be using specialized motor drivers that provide for silent operation. But are quiet 3D printers a good thing?


A Benchmark Object For Metal 3D Printing?

The difficulty in 3D printing a particular type of industrial part suggests an idea for a type of benchmark object for metal 3D printing.


Will 3D Printing Truly Reshape Retail?

Singularity Hub’s Peter Diamandis makes some predictions about how the retail market may be affected by 3D printing in the future. We have some counter-points.


Rize All-In On Bio-Friendly 3D Printing

It seems that RIZE is placing a bet on a future 3D printing world with increased emphasis on safety. We found out some details.


3D Printer Emissions Are Everywhere

Did you know there are increased levels of 3D printer emissions even at trade shows? We found a measurement to prove this happens.

aurora labs

Using VR In 3D Printing

Aurora Labs has been experimenting with using VR for working with their metal 3D printer. We speculate on how this could work.


What Will Be The Fate of AMUG?

The Additive Manufacturing User Group, or AMUG, is quite popular, but now that they’ve ventured into vendor sponsorships, confusion emerges.


That 3D Printer Will Never Exist

What you see at a 3D printer trade show is not necessarily what you will get. We have some ideas on what’s really going on at 3D printing exhibitions.

aleph objects

Thoughts on LulzBot’s Near-Demise

With the near-demise of LulzBot 3D printers, I am now wondering about the future of open source 3D printer companies. Can they ever succeed again?


Why The Rush To Metal 3D Printing?

Why are so many new metal 3D printing companies and services emerging? There are three main reasons for this growth in additive manufacturing.


More 3D Print Resellers Needed!

3D printer safety cabinet seeks resellers for their products, but it seems there are some barriers in the way.


Watch Out For 3D Print Financial Scams

Is the 3D printing community immune to email fraud? Most definitely not. We point out how scams could happen and what you can do about it.


What Is An Educational 3D Printer?

What makes up a 3D printer for education? What features are best for 3D printing in the classroom? We made a list.


What Is A Consumer 3D Printer?

What is a consumer 3D printer? Is it a DIY device? What characteristics might describe a 3D printer for hobbyists? We have a list of features.

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