Copper And 3D Printing

Copper And 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata consider copper’s use in additive manufacturing.

A Universal Carrier Ink for 3D Printing

A Universal Carrier Ink For Bioprinting

Cellulose fibres and biodegradable nanoparticles were combined by researchers at ETH Zurich to produce a gel that could pave the path for personalized biomaterial implants.

6k additive

6K Additive Makes Some Big Moves

6K Additive has commissioned their first units and at the same time has landed a sustainable client.


BigRep Releases Two New 3D Print Materials

BigRep announced the availability of two new materials for their large-format 3D printers, ABS and ASA, and this could open up many more new applications.


1.75 vs 2.85mm Filament Showdown

Where did the two 3D printer filament diameters come from and what is the difference? Which one is better?


More Engineering Materials From MakerBot

MakerBot announced the availability of two new materials for their METHOD X platform, including PC-ABS and a fire-resistant version.


What’s With The Silk Filaments?

There’s increasing interest in “silk” 3D printer filaments, which are astonishingly shiny and now available from mainstream materials providers.


Formlabs’ New Tough Resin

Formlabs announced a new resin, Tough 1500 Resin, which has some interesting properties and could be used as a substitute for polypropylene.


The Metal X 3D Printer Gains Copper Metal

Markforged announced the availability of a new metal for their Metal X system: copper. We have the reasons why this is so important.


A Much Better Soluble Support Material

VXL’s 3D printing materials are finally becoming more well-known after they began marketing directly to the public, including their non-hygroscopic soluble support material.


MakerBot Fills In The Materials Gap

MakerBot has bridged their materials gap with a new program that partners with multiple 3D printing materials providers.

3d printlife

An Eco-Safe Water Soluble Support Material

Most 3D printer soluble support materials are not particularly eco-friendly, but 3D Printlife’s 3D-SOLVE is a very safe option for ABS and other engineering materials.


BigRep’s New 3D Printing “Eco Focus”

BigRep has discovered something important for the future of 3D printing, and it could cause many more companies to take a big shift towards eco-friendly products.

6k additive

More On 6K Additive’s Amazing Metal Powder Process

6K Additive has developed a radically new system for producing fine metal powder for additive manufacturing and 3D printing, even enabling 3D printing of impossible alloys.


First Fire Safe 3D Printable Resin Produced

Henkel and Origin have developed the first 3D printable resin for SLA 3D printers that is fire resistant and meets industry certifications. Certain industries will find this of great interest.

art filament

Is There Such A Thing As Museum-Quality 3D Printer Filament?

Is there a “correct” or “optimal” set of colors for 3D printing materials for artists? One company has scientifically developed a set of unique and beautiful PLA materials for artistic 3D prints.


TPU Parts With SLS Printing

How useful is TPU when 3D printing? What are the best 3D printing processes for printing flexible TPU parts?


EOS Announces Digital Foam Program

EOS has developed a new 3D printable material called “Digital Foam”, which is a digital product comprised of software, design, materials and process.


A New Recycled Filament Option: RE PET 3D

Is 3D printer filament made from recycled material financially viable? Czech company RE PET 3D hopes to prove so, with their 100% recycled 3D printer filament products.


3D Printed Cups Demonstrate An OJ Circular Economy

One of the phrases we’re hearing a lot right now is “circular economy” — and it turns out 3D printing with orange peel-based plastic is a good illustration of what that means.

$ASA Filament For 3D Printers

ASA 3D Printer Filament For The Masses

Have you ever used ASA 3D printer filament? A new offering from Prusa Research may provide a trigger for many 3D printer operators to begin using this powerful material.

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