A Tricky Way To Track 3D Prints

Researchers have developed a very tricky method to embed tracking information into 3D prints. 


Are 3D Printed Costumes Feasible?

A 3D model respository seems to specialize in 3D printed costume items, but is this really feasible?


The 3D Printable OpenLOCK Gaming System

Gamers are a popular user community employing desktop 3D printers to enhance their gaming experience, and now there’s a new project that should make that usage even easier. 


A New Set of Anatomical 3D Models

There’s a large new set of 3D models focused on anatomy, courtesy of a collaboration between Threeding.com and Artec. 


Hands On With The Morphi App

We’re testing Morphi on one of our lab iPads, and it seems to be a very good introductory 3D modeling tool.


Materialise Patents a 3D Gripper?

We just noticed an unusual patent application from 3D print service Materialise: a three-fingered “gripper”. What does this mean? 


Thingiverse Hits The Biggest Milestone

MakerBot’s in-house 3D model repository made history this week by achieving what no other 3D printable model site has done: one million models!


3DKitbash’s Fascinating Test Kits

3DKitbash is a 3D model community dedicated to printable models, but their inventory includes some interesting twists. 


3DP Unlimited’s Whole-Person 3D Print

3DP Unlimited manufactures some very large 3D printers, and now they’ve demonstrated exactly how large by 3D printing their own staff! 


STL Hive’s 3D Models Focus on RC, Robotics

A small startup called STL Hive hopes to become the hub for 3D models for “students, hobbyists and inventors”. But we found a lot of RC and Robotics models. 


3D Printed Trucks Initiative Needs Your Help

Arin Panait is a Romanian hobbyist with an affection for 1960’s trucks that’s so deep he’s developed several incredible 3D models of them. And he needs your help. 


Have You Tried Pinshape?

There’s no shortage of online sources for printable 3D content these days, and another good option is Pinshape. 


Capcom Moves to 3D Printing for New Cover Art

Capcom, makers of many notable video games over the past 32 years, now makes use of 3D printing to bring a spotlight on their new game, Street Fighter V. 


What’s Next for MyMiniFactory?

While we were amazed at MyMiniFactory’s current operations during our recent tour, what’s even more interesting are their plans for the future. 


MyMiniFactory’s Meticulous Method

We recently visited MyMiniFactory headquarters in London where were quite surprised to see the scope of their operations. 


Benchmark Your 3D Printer With #3DBenchy

How good is your 3D printer? It’s sometimes tricky to determine how it compares to others, but with a benchmark object you can do so more easily. 


MakerBot’s Ready Apps

MakerBot has formalized their “customizer” capability in Thingiverse in a collection of “ready to go” applications that can quickly generate specific 3D models. 


Get More 3D Models at Wamungo

Tired of Thingiverse? Unfulfilled at YouMagine? Perhaps you’d like to try Wamungo, another 3D model repository. 


Not a 3D Modeler? Hire One!

If you’re unable to obtain the 3D model you require for a print, just design it yourself. But what if you can’t?


MyStemKits Launches

Today MyStemKits launched on Kickstarter, with the goal of providing effective 3D prints for educators. 


Reproducing the Space Wrench

The other week NASA transmitted a wrench to the International Space Station by 3D printing. We did it, too. 


Few Limits to 3D Print Size

A project by Poland’s Fucco Design created replicas of large church figurines in wood. 


Shapeways Partners with Hasbro?

Toy giant Hasbro has struck a deal with Shapeways to provide access to some of their copyrighted characters. 


Magicube’s 3D Model Repository

Several readers suggested we check out Magicube, a new repository for free 3D models. So we did. 


3D Hubs Begins a Content Ecosystem

While 3D Hubs may be one of the largest networks of independently operated 3D printers, it really just provides access to printing. Until today, that is, with the addition of a new content service.


Uformit Seeks Interns

Our friends at Norway-based Uformit are looking for an intern to help develop interactive 3D designs. 


NIH’s 3D Print Exchange

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ National Institutes of Health (NIH) has opened its own public repository of printable 3D models. 


Threeding’s 3D App Venture

3D model repository Threeding has done something interesting: they’ve created an app. 


3D Printed Handles for Stone Age Tools

In the most absolute and ultimate technology contrast possible, researchers have 3D printed handles for primitive flint-knapped hand axes. 


MakerBot’s Digital Store Opens

As promised in their January announcement, MakerBot made good on their promise to open a digital store for 3D models. 


3D Model Marketplaces

With the huge number of personal 3D printers being sold, one wonders where 3D models will be found to print on them. 


DiCaprio Gets a 3D Printed Oscar

The folks at CGTrader have solved Leonardo DiCaprio’s problem of not receiving an Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards. 


3D Print Your Honda Concept Car

Honda Motors has taken a big step into the consumer 3D printing world by offering cars for download. 


Cubify’s 3D New Content

Up to now Cubify’s 3D model content has been somewhat simplistic. Toys, simple personalized items and the like have been the staple of online 3D


MakerBot’s Digital Content

While Thingiverse has been a wonderful source for 3D models for the initial wave of 3D printing, it’s not exactly consumer-friendly. It has a large


Fabulous Cosmo 3D Scans Released

Fabbaloo friend Cosmo Wenman, the fellow who produces incredibly detailed 3D models from scanned museum pieces, has released new sculptures. The two new releases are


The Smithsonian Releases 3D Scans

We’ve written about the Smithsonian’s forays into 3D scanning previously, but now you can access some of the 3D scans they’ve been collecting. Last week


We Found a 3D Zinjanthropus!

There are a great many exhibits among the booths at this year’s 3D Printshow in London, but one caught our eye. In spite of perhaps


World Heritage Sites Digitally Captured

CyArk, a non-profit initiative, proposes to digitally capture 500 key culturally relevant heritage sites across the world. They are building a repository of 3D information


3D Printing for Math Professors and You, Too

We’re looking at a PDF, strangely stored on Thingiverse, where one normally finds 3D models. The PDF is an academic document entitled, “3D Printing for

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