A Future Nano-Cutting 3D Printer?

Researchers have developed a new method of cutting tiny 2D materials, but could this be the foundation of a new type of 3D printer?


Discovering Future AI Features For 3D Printing

I’m reading the lengthy PhD thesis from Ivanna Baturynska, who has extensively investigated the possibility of using advanced AI techniques to optimize 3D print jobs.


Multicolor SLS 3D Printing Coming?

New research has demonstrated an inexpensive method of reliably producing different color shades during SLS 3D printing, but will it replace dyeing?


The Secret Laboratory and 3D Printing

Charles Goulding and Adam Friedman look advanced technology expertise from one of the US’ most interesting and innovative labs.


3D Printing the Strongest Steel

The US Air Force, in concert with scientists from Texas A&M University, developed a novel way of 3D printing the strongest type of steel.


Why 3D Printed Vascular Structures Matter

New research in bioprinting has discovered a method to 3D print vascular structures, which could in the future become blood vessels, thus significantly altering the bioprinting space.


High Speed Micro-Voxel 3D Printing Achieved

Researchers have been able to design a new 3D printing system that effectively parallelizes the familiar two-photon laser approach to achieve fantastic print speeds.


A 4D Printed Microneedle Array

Researchers have used a micro-3D printing technology to produce an effective long-term drug delivery needle system.


Customized Products Face Consumer Challenges

Dassault Systèmes has undertaken a survey to understand consumer attitudes to custom-made products and this could affect the future growth of 3D printing.


Wanted: PDK 3D Printer Filament

Researchers have discovered a new plastic material, PDK, which seems to have unusually strong recycling properties.


3D Printed Metal Scavenger Filters

New research seems to have developed an incredibly effective method of 3D printing speciality filters to extract specific metals from waste material.


RepRap Ltd Developing New Assembly Robot

RepRap Ltd is working on a very interesting idea to produce a kind of universal assembly robot, capable of building arbitrary structures.


Is The MM3D Nozzle Practical?

Researchers at Harvard and the Wyss Institute have developed a new form of extrusion-based 3D printing they call “MM3D”. We review the constraints that make it impractical for many applications.

$Electric 3D Printing

Electric 3D Printing Begins!

The first simulated 3D print has been produced using Adrian Bowyer’s radical new Electric 3D Printing concept, which could produce objects in mere seconds.


How To 3D Print Stretchable Wires

Stretchable wires are an exotic component, but now it may be possible to 3D print them directly into objects for industry and research use.

$additive manufacturing inspection

Auburn X-Rays 3D Printed Parts

A $1.5M grant is setting Auburn University up to enhance its metrology efforts for additive manufacturing.

$3D Printed Electrode

More Research into 3D Printed Supercapacitors

Could high-power components be 3D printed? It seems so after new research from the University of Manchester, where a material to 3D print supercapacitors has been discovered.

$Reinforcing Concrete 3D Prints

How To Intelligently Reinforce Concrete 3D Prints

Could concrete ever be 3D printed in complex ways? This may come true according to research on how to reinforce extruded concrete for construction.

$Source Form

3D Printing From Crowdsourced Data

A new project from Virginia Tech is perhaps the closest we’ve yet come to 3D printing as a Star Trek Replicator.

$Mobile Microscopic 3D Prints

3D Printed Microbots Are Powered By Vibration

3D printed microbots are now possible due to the invention of a method to power two photon polymerized prints using external vibrations.

$3D printed glass

Recent Trends in 3D Printing Glass

Charles Goulding and Andressa Bonafe of R&D Tax Savers discuss innovations in 3D printing with glass.

$mit touch scanner

MIT Robot 3D Scans By Gel-Based Touch Sensors

MIT’s new robotic 3D scanning system uses a unique gel touch sensor to capture extreme surface detail. The robot’s scan results are fantastic!


2088 AM Jobs At RAPID + TCT Exhibitors

A new report suggests there are an incredible number of additive manufacturing jobs available at companies exhibiting at next week’s RAPID + TCT event.

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