$NXT Factory automated SLS

NXT Factory’s Intelligent SLS 3D Printing

We vistied NXT Factory in Ventura, California for a look inside their new high-speed, high-temperature automated SLS 3D printing systems.

$High-Speed 3D Printing

What’s Next For Nexa3D

Nexa3D is taking its high-speed SLA 3D printers to market, ramping up production and expanding floor space. We have a look inside operations straight from Ventura, CA.

$XponentialWorks portfolio

Experiencing XponentialWorks

XponentialWorks is an investment, advisory, and development company for advanced technologies including 3D printing: an exclusive inside look at operations.


A Visit to Full Spectrum Laser

We managed to score an onsite tour of Full Spectrum Laser, the makers of the Pegasus and Phoenix Touch high-resolution 3D printers. 


iMakr’s Unique Retail Concept

While in London recently we were able to visit the iMakr store, one of the few dedicated resellers of personal 3D printer gear. 


A Peek Inside Shapeways’ Eindhoven Workshop

Shapeways community manager Bart Veldhuizen offers a video tour of the 3D print service company’s Eindhoven site in The Netherlands.      Veldhuizen walks through

3D Systems

Exclusive: Inside the CubeX Factory

Hidden in the sleepy coastal town of Clevedon, UK, lies the secret factory that produces 3D Systems’ CubeX 3D printer. We recently toured the factory

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