Ultraviolet C Robots And 3D Printing

Charles R. Goulding and Adam Friedman check out 3D printing used for building new robots that may help slow the spread of pandemic.


Black Hawk Twinned

Digital twin creation of the US Army’s Black Hawk helicopters will bring new life into the out-of-production aircraft.


Miele Distributing 3D Printable Attachments

Miele, the high-end German manufacturer of consumer goods, now offers downloadable 3D models for printing, some of which may fit your appliances.


3D Technologies And Healthcare Accessibility

From providing new methods for conducting healthcare appointments to improving diagnostics, 3D technologies promise improved quality of life for patients with a vast array of health needs.


SPEE3D Deployed To Australian Military

SPEE3D is placing their supersonic 3D printer in the Australian military to test its ability to 3D print metal parts in remote locations.

amore pacific

3D Printed Facial Mask Pack System

A new use case for 3D printing has been identified: 3D printed custom facial masks, used to provide a superior fit to individuals through 3D scanning.


Drugs, Drones, and 3D Printing

Charles Goulding and Greer Veon of R&D Tax Savers look at the use of 3D printing to promote the use of drones for retail delivery. 


3D Printing and Commercial Refrigeration

Charles Goulding and Peter Favata of R&D Tax Savers take a look at how the commercial refrigeration industry is beginning to make production use of 3D printing technology.

digital inventory

Digital Inventory Comes To The High Seas

The vision of a digital inventory with on-demand 3D printing is becoming a reality, with several companies entering an early adopter program.


Voxel8 Returns to 3D Print Shoe Uppers

Voxel8, who debuted in 2015 at CES with an electronics 3D printing concept, disappeared, only to now return with a footwear 3D printing solution.


3D Printing Innovating Smart Home Technology

Charles Goulding and Greer Veon review several consumer product companies who successfully used 3D printing technology to aid the development of their products.


What Every 3D Printing Company Should Be Doing

Trinckle has developed a powerful new system, Paramate, that can automatically generate custom 3D models to vastly simplify the process of producing unique low volume parts for production.


Is It Possible To 3D Print Spacecraft?

It has now been demonstrated it’s possible to 3D print spacecraft parts in thermoplastic thanks to an experiment by CRP Technology.


Promoting Whiskey With 3D Printing?

Is it still possible to promote a business brand using 3D printing? It apparently is, according to Diageo, who have launched the Bulleit 3D Printed Frontier Experience.

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Stratasys To Collaborate With Jay Leno

Jay Leno partners with Stratasys to enable a digital inventory and 3D printing approach to maintain his vast collection of vintage automobiles.


When Will Car Dealers 3D Print Parts?

Charles Goulding and Ryan Donley of R&D Tax Savers discuss the future of automotive 3D printing – in car dealerships.


The Busy Hidden Uses Of 3D Printing

Are there hidden use cases for 3D printing that are incredibly powerful? We’ve found some before, now here’s another one.


Accelerating Aerospace: Part Two

Additive manufacturing promises to make aircraft fly higher, faster, and more fuel-efficiently than ever before.


Accelerating Aerospace: Part One

Additive manufacturing promises to make aircraft fly higher, faster, and more fuel-efficiently than ever before.


Stratasys Shows Fashion Fabric 3D Printing System

When will 3D printing finally change the fashion industry? It may happen soon with Stratasys’ announcement of a way to 3D print in full color directly on fabric using production processes.

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