3D Systems

3D Systems

3D Systems Names New CEO

After a lengthy search, 3D Systems announced their new CEO: Jeffrey Graves to replace retiring Vyomesh Joshi after a four year term.

3D Systems

3D Systems Release First COVID-19 Period Financials

It’s the end of the first quarter of 2020 and financial results are now appearing, showing the first effects of COVID-19 on major 3D printing companies. We look at what the company did.


3D Systems Stock Gets an Unexpected Boost

3D Systems’ stock price took a bit of a rise this week, possibly due to investor observation of their broad COVID-19 efforts and their extensive healthcare focus.


Xometry’s Unusual Vibratory Test

Xometry performed an unusual test of many 3D prints using different materials and processes. The results were surprising.

$3D systems quarterly results

Dire Results From 3D Systems

We’re looking at the financial results from 3D Systems for 2019Q2 and there are many negative factors in the publicly filed report, including a big loss.

$Amazon Prime Day

3D Systems Returning To Consumer 3D Printing?

Is 3D Systems changing strategy? They are selling their FabPro 1000 as a consumer or prosumer platform via Amazon Prime Day — what comes next?

3D Systems

Figure 4 In Action

3D Systems’ Figure 4 system is up and running at Rapid Application Group.

3D Systems

Analyzing The 3D Systems Analysis

I’m reading a report on Seeking Alpha describing the stock price journey of 3D Systems, and have some things to add.

3D Systems

Practical New Feature in 3DXpert

It seems that 3D Systems’ latest version of 3DXpert has an incredible build simulation feature.

3D Systems

Final Word: The First 3D Printer

Since we published a story about the invention of 3D printing a few weeks ago, we have had much feedback.

Be Very, Very Careful With Your Customer Data

I’m reading a fascinating legal complaint by 3D Systems against one of their former employees and his new employer, and there’s lessons to be had by all 3D printing companies here. 

An Update on 3D Systems’ Strategy

We had a sit-down with 3D Systems’ CEO Vyomesh Joshi and got a first-hand explanation of the companies moves. 

3D Systems

The Digital Workflow Gets a Bridge

Many companies wish getting a part made was easy as plugging a computer to a 3D printer and pushing a button. 

3D Systems

An Ode to the Now-Departed Cube

I’ve just noticed that 3D Systems discontinued their final Cube 3D printer earlier this year, a milestone of sorts. 

There’s Big Money in 3D Printing

I’m skimming through a very long securities submission by 3D Systems that details, among other things, their executive compensation levels. 

3D Systems 2016 Results Challenging

3D Systems released their 4Q16 and full 2016 financial results, where we can see what kind of turnaround has occurred. Or not. 

3D Systems’ Infocenter Impresses

I just noticed that 3D Systems has completely revamped their online support material for all their equipment. 

3D Systems Quarterly Results: Flat

3D print giant 3D Systems announced their third quarter results and it seems they are holding at consistent levels. 

3D Systems

Unbelievable Media Coverage of 3D Printing

This morning I noticed a story from an obscure website detailing an announcement from 3D Systems about a product they introduced three years ago!

Could 3D Systems Become a Healthcare Company?

Several recent happenings suggest 3D Systems might be considering changing their business focus.  As you may have heard, 3D Systems (and other major incumbent 3D

Major Changes at 3D Systems This Week

Well, that didn’t take long. After the installation of 3D Systems’ new CEO Vyomesh Joshi two months ago, two top executives have abruptly departed. 

3D Systems Finds A New CEO

As expected, 3D Systems has finally announced Vyomesh Joshi as their new CEO to take the helm after the departure of longtime CEO Avi Reichenthal late last year. 

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