RepRap Ltd Developing New Assembly Robot

RepRap Ltd is working on a very interesting idea to produce a kind of universal assembly robot, capable of building arbitrary structures.

$3D printed glass

Recent Trends in 3D Printing Glass

Charles Goulding and Andressa Bonafe of R&D Tax Savers discuss innovations in 3D printing with glass.

$mit touch scanner

MIT Robot 3D Scans By Gel-Based Touch Sensors

MIT’s new robotic 3D scanning system uses a unique gel touch sensor to capture extreme surface detail. The robot’s scan results are fantastic!


MIT’s Hairy Metamaterial

Researchers at MIT have developed yet another unusual metamaterial, and this one is simply hair.


About That Color Changing Technology

There seems to be lot of news surrounding MIT’s announcement of a color changing 3D printing technology, but how could you use it? 


Two 3Dwox Updates

The increasing popularity of the amazing 3Dwox desktop 3D printer from Sindoh tells me readers may be interested in two subtle updates about the device. 

MIT’s 3D Glass Printer Raises Questions

Researchers at MIT unveiled an incredible new 3D printing process that uses glass as the print material. We’re asking some questions about its capabilities. 

3D Design By Example

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have developed a new twist on 3D design by creating “Fab By Example”. 

MIT Creates Lens for Radio Waves

Metamaterials are, by their very definition, awesome. The first sentence of the Metamaterials entry on Wikipedia reads: Metamaterials are artificial materials engineered to have properties that may

Next-Make at CPW

CPW is MIT‘s “Campus Preview Weekend”, which occurs 16-19 April this week. According to MIT’s tagline: So here’s the experiment: Pour into one MIT campus

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