How About Those Non-Toxic Resin Cleaners?

How About Those Non-Toxic Resin Cleaners?

Cleaning 3D printer resin is often a messy task, and one that’s made more difficult with dangerous cleaners. Are there alternatives?


Miele Distributing 3D Printable Attachments

Miele, the high-end German manufacturer of consumer goods, now offers downloadable 3D models for printing, some of which may fit your appliances.

ZMorph Ups Laser Engraving Capabilities

Multi-functional 3D printers offer just that — multiple functions. As the technologies progress, so do the capabilities possible for desktop fabrication.


3devo Focusing On Customer Training

Is it really possible to produce your own 3D printer filaments? 3devo seems to have figured out not only the hardware to do so, but also the process.


BuildTak Seeking New Products?

BuildTak has established a successful business selling adhesive products for 3D printing, but that may change. 


Hands on with the Retouch3D

The Retouch3D is an inexpensive finishing tool that’s specifically designed for 3D printing. 


Retouch3D Continues

A 3D printing accessory maker survives and expands. 


Sinterit Gives Away Mandatory Accessory

Sinterit is not the biggest 3D printer manufacturer, by any means, but they seem to understand the issues of their target market. 


TAC.TILES is a DJ-like Physical Interface for 3D Modeling

As you are well aware, those wonderful 3D models you create each day are traditionally crafted with a mouse, a keyboard, too many mouse clicks and an occasional flinging of the keyboard across the room. 


The Anmasi Cleaning System

Once the 3D printing is done, the post processing begins. That’s the “dirty” secret of the industry, but it’s one that vendors like Anmasi can solve. 


Two 3D Printer Liquid Adhesives You Can Buy

The eternal problem of extrusion-based desktop 3D printers is bed adhesion. Here are two commercial solutions specifically designed for that purpose. 


BuildTak’s New FlexPlate System

BuildTak has become a very popular solution to hold down prints on otherwise uncooperative desktop 3D printers, but now they’ve come up with a new approach. 


3DPrinterOS Gains Some Portability

One of the leading cloud-based 3D printing services just made life a lot easier by supporting the Raspberry Pi 3. 


The REVOCaster Is Now Live

Back in 2014 I wrote on the REVOcaster, a rotational casting device that could complement any 3D printer operation. Now it’s available for order. 


Finally, An Intelligent Spool Holder: The MonsterFeed

For those using generic 3D printer filament, the issue of spool management is sometimes troublesome. Now those issues could be solved with the MonsterFeed universal spool holder. 


Another Sticky Option: 3DLAC

There’s yet another option to ensure your 3D prints stick to the print surface during printing: 3DLAC.


Sharebot’s Sharebox 3D

The folks at Italy-based Sharebot have introduced a new hardware accessory, the Sharebox 3D. 


SD3D’s Adaptive Build Environment

We’re checking out what could be the most unique and useful accessory any 3D printer owner might want: the Adaptive Build Environment by SD3D. 


Have You Tried BuildTak?

Frustrated by 3D prints that don’t stick to your print bed? Drives us crazy too. Now there may be a good solution to that issue: BuildTak.


The Makeraser Smooths 3D Prints

A new startup offers something called “The Makeraser”. It’s a handheld tool that can smooth your unattractive visibly-layered 3D prints into beautiful smooth objects.   


Google Class: Modded By 3D Printing

A new Kickstarter project uses 3D printing to produce “cap” for your Google Glass. GlassKap, a project launched by Todd Blatt, hopes to raise funds

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