HP Inc. Escapes To New Opportunities

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi dig into post-Xerox-bid HP and what that future might look like from the 3D printing perspective.


German RepRap Acquired

German RepRap, a maker of large-format 3D printers and silicone 3D printers, has been acquired by a surprising other party.


BellandTechnology Aquires Xioneer

Chemical company BellandTechnology, makers of the VXL series of 3D printing materials, has acquired industrial 3D printer maker Xioneer.


Xerox On The Hunt For HP

A report on CNN indicates Xerox is launching a hostile takeover bid for HP. If this succeeds, what effect would happen on their respective 3D print ventures?


Siemens Scoops Up Atlas 3D

Industrial giant Siemens acquired Atlas 3D and their Sunata simulation software to add to their growing additive manufacturing portfolio.


LulzBot Revived! Moves to Fargo?

LulzBot may be revived! A company has acquired all the assets of Aleph Objects, including the LulzBot brand.


Whoa! Onshape Acquired By PTC!

In a blockbuster corporate acquisition, PTC is to acquire Onshape to gain access to a powerful CAD cloud system that can be marketed to all their users.


LPW Acquired by Carpenter

Leading metal 3D printing powder specialist LPW has been acquired by Carpenter Technology Corporation.


AddUp Adds BeAM

Somehow this wasn’t entirely surprising: AddUp has acquired 100% of BeAM. 


Cincinnati Buys NVBOTS

Cincinnati (the company, not the city) has acquired NVBOTS.


Autodesk Acquires netfabb!

3D software giant Autodesk signed a “definitive agreement” to acquire netfabb, a well-known producer of 3D model and printing software. 

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