Are 3D Printers Too Dark?

Are 3D Printers Too Dark?

Lighting has always been a consistent issue with 3D printers, and it doesn’t seem to be improving.

Is Magigoo Taking Over The World?

Is Magigoo Taking Over The World?

Magigoo seems to have expanded a great deal since we last took a look at them, and a new partnership shows where they are headed.


Seven Ways 3D Prints Can Unstick

Of all the 3D printing issues you can encounter, bed adhesion, or lack of, is one of the most frequently seen. We list seven ways this can happen and offer suggestions on how to avoid them.

$broken glass build plate

How To Break A 3D Printer’s Glass Build Plate

Have you ever broken a 3D printer build plate? We did! Our glass build plate had a sad case of over-adhesion on a PLA print that could not be removed.

$high speed resin 3D printing

NewPro3D’s NP1 3D Printer Now Available

Looking for a ridiculously fast 3D printer? The extremely high speed NewPro3D NP1 with advanced ILI membrane is now available for purchase.


The Wham Bam PEX Solution

Wham Bam offers an unusual bed adhesion system that seems more capable than many alternatives.


The Rise of the Flexible 3D Printing Plate

Sometimes it takes years for an industry to discover the best approach, and that’s what seems to have happened with 3D printing surfaces. 


UK Teen Killed By 3D Printer

An article in The Telegraph describes a horrifying scenario in which a 17-year old died in a fiery explosion on his 3D printer. 


Two 3D Printer Liquid Adhesives You Can Buy

The eternal problem of extrusion-based desktop 3D printers is bed adhesion. Here are two commercial solutions specifically designed for that purpose. 


BuildTak’s New FlexPlate System

BuildTak has become a very popular solution to hold down prints on otherwise uncooperative desktop 3D printers, but now they’ve come up with a new approach. 


Another Sticky Option: 3DLAC

There’s yet another option to ensure your 3D prints stick to the print surface during printing: 3DLAC.

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