Amy Elliott: “Question the norm!”

Amy Elliott: “Question The Norm!”

Dr. Amy Elliott is a full research staff at Oak Ridge National Lab where she serves as principle investigator for binder jet additive manufacturing (AM).


3 Things I Like About The 3D Printing Industry

There’s just something about 3D printing that keeps me coming back for more. Here are the 3 things I like most about the 3D printing industry after a decade of working in this field.


What Does It Take To Work At A 3D Printing Startup?

While the 3D printing industry is incredibly attractive for job seekers due to its growth, innovation and limitless potential, it is essential for job applicants to understand what it means to work for a 3D printing startup.


Reducing the Hype in 3D Printing

3D printing has been subject to plenty of hype, including from marketers. We take a look at three solid ways to reduce the hype around 3D printing.

$3D printing guidance

Innovators Need Guidance

 When additive manufacturing advisory services companies seamlessly partner with manufacturers and vendors (resellers), we will see mass corporate adoption of 3D printing on both the desktop and the factory floor.


3D Printing Events Everywhere

3D printing is a global industry, and following the business often leads to attending events around the world.


3D Printing For Supervillains

An amusing article at BigThink ponders the consequences of 3D printing technology in the hands of supervillains. Writer Chris Cunnyngham read the article describing the


Fabbaloo Reader Needs 3D Print Assistance

Reader Andy Robb is a mechanical designer who’s interested in producing real-life versions of models he’s been working on. What kind of project? It’s a

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