Will You Help the Ouaga Lab?

There are a great many Fab Labs in the world doing great things, but there’s one that you might want to support: the Ouaga Lab. 


Africa’s Octo-Choco-Printer

We’ve heard about chocolate 3D printers before, but never one like this. Fouche Chocolates of South Africa, and specifically its engineer Hans Fouche has developed


A 3D Printer Made From Scrap

Normally when you embark on building a DIY 3D printer you’d search online shops for the best and least expensive components. Bring them together with


A 3D Printing Revolution in South Africa

An event featuring several notable 3D print designers is to take place in Johannesburg on July 6th. The event, “Agents of the 3D Revolution Exhibition


African Jumpstart With 3D Printing?

Many years ago we wondered how Africa could ever catch up to the West in telecommunications. The cost of installing cabling would have been tremendous,


Pirate3D Helps Africa

As if landing nearly half a million dollars in instant crowd funding isn’t sufficient, Pirate3D announced a significant charitable venture. They will provide 3D printing


A 3D Printer From Togo

Yes, Togo. It’s the home of Afate Gnikou of WoeLab, a technology incubator in the small African country. Gnikou has launched a crowdfunding project on


3D Printing In South Africa

There’s a great story in Design Magazine describing how Kenneth van Rensburg came to create a 3D printing business in South Africa. After seeing the

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