Why The Rush To Metal 3D Printing?

Why are so many new metal 3D printing companies and services emerging? There are three main reasons for this growth in additive manufacturing.


Value-Added Inspection

Measurement is often seen as non-value-added work. However, if we properly account for the expected costs involved in passing defects on to customers, then the increased value of the product can be clearly shown.

3D Systems

Analyzing The 3D Systems Analysis

I’m reading a report on Seeking Alpha describing the stock price journey of 3D Systems, and have some things to add.


Why Use a Free GCODE Analyzer?

There are tons of free utilities available on the internets, and one of them is a free GCODE viewer. 


Buy a 3D Printer or Use a Service?

Sculpteo has done a detailed analysis of the costs involved in choosing whether to use a 3D print service or buy your own 3D printer. We believe their analysis misses one important factor. 


The Most Popular 3D Printers Are…

3D printer service 3D Hubs knows quite a bit about the state of personal 3D printers because it’s their business. They provide a service where


Size Counts?

We often hear people asking the question “How big an object can you print on that thing?” The answer depends on which personal 3D printer

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