How Are 3D Prints Used For Design?

What is Design Feedback with 3D Printing? It is a technique used by architects to solve highly complex building construction designs.


Book of the Week: Printing Architecture

This week’s selection is “Printing Architecture: Innovative Recipes for 3D Printing” by Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello.


Is This Really An $8M 3D Printed Home?

I’m reading a very curious report on Forbes describing an expensive California home that’s partially 3D printed, apparently.


3D Printed Skyscraper Pods: Not Realistic

An entry to a skyscraper design contest proposes a dynamic 3D printed pod system. I cannot imagine how this could possibly work. 


Design of the Week: Morphologic

This week’s selection is Morphologic, by the team of Chien Shuo Pai, Alberto Herrera Salas, Nishanth Peethala and Zhu Kele. Their purpose was to develop


Freeform 3D Printing with an Undo Ability

The Suspended Deposition Project, Brian Harm’s new 3D printing concept, is built to change the way architects create and design structures. According to Harms, “This


Digital Grotesque: A 3D Printed Room

In July of this year Digital Grotesque will launch. It’s a project to produce “an elaborate, fully-enclosed room that is entirely 3D printed.”    Computational


An Interview With Neri Oxman

We’ve discovered a lengthy interview with 3D artist and research Neri Oxman of the MIT Media Lab, whose astounding explorations into radical structures using 3D


Ghana Social Centre Aided by 3D Printing

A terrible storm in Ghana badly damaged the Catholic-operated community hall, resulting in the demolition of the ruins. The diocese contracted the replacement build to


Inspired by Biomimetics

We’ve previously written on research into the application of 3D printing in building construction. The idea is that rather than having a completely uniform interior


Add a Floor for only $129

There are tens of thousands of new web-based services that do practically everything, from counting kids’ allowances to photo editing to managing your sales process.


Sweet Onion Dwelling

The nice people at Sweet Onion Creations focus on building highly realistic 3D architectural models, often making heavy use of 3D printing technology. They’ve posted


Designing Interface Architecture

FABberz and the Live Architecture Network are collaborating on a new venture to bring design tools to students in Brazil. Their idea: produce collaborative designs

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