Coronavirus Strikes 3D Printing

A significant outbreak of a coronavirus is affecting many things in China and beyond. But could this affect 3D printing?


How Cheap are Those Asian 3D Printers, Anyway?

3D printer buyers in the West are accustomed to prices in the thousands for desktop 3D print gear, but what kind of deals could you get if you purchased directly from Asia? 


Singapore Investing $30M in 3D Printing

Singapore’s Prime Minister and the country’s Economic Development Board (EDB) announced that Singapore will set aside $30M of its $500M “Future of Manufacturing” fund to


The da Vinci Personal 3D Printer

There’s very few details available about the XYZPrinting da Vinci F1.0 3D printer, made by the team of Taiwan-based Kinpo Electronics and Cal-Comp Electronics, subsidiaries


Japan’s Push for 3D Metal Printing

While American and European companies currently dominate the 3D printing market, a joint venture between the Japanese government and the country’s private sector looks to


i.Materialise Opens In Japan

3D print service i.Materialise has blossomed into a new location: Japan. They now offer their services in Japanese.    There’s a production change, too. The


Figurines Printed on the spot in Akihabara

  Tsukulus Co. of Japan now offers figurine printing at their Akihabara location in Tokyo. Their ZCorp 450 can punch out figurines based on your

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