Lean Manufacturing, Automation and Distancing

Charles R. Goulding and Preeti Sulibhavi examine the principles of Lean Manufacturing together with rising trends in automation and required social distancing.


peel 3D Announces The peel 2 CAD 3D Scanner

peel 3D just announced a new professional handheld 3D scanner, the peel 2 CAD, which includes some intriguing workflow simplification features.

$Automated DMCA Takedown

How To Protect Your 3D Design

Are you a 3D designer and have had your designs stolen? There is a service that might help automatically detect theft and issue takedown notices.

$NXT Factory automated SLS

NXT Factory’s Intelligent SLS 3D Printing

We vistied NXT Factory in Ventura, California for a look inside their new high-speed, high-temperature automated SLS 3D printing systems.



A new company, Pulvermeister GmbH, has produced a prototype of a 3D print post-processing device.


DWS’s Huge XCELL 6000 System

DWS is known for their precision resin-based 3D printers, but they seem to have developed an unusual automation system.


MCOR’s AWR: Automatic Post Processing

We haven’t heard much from MCOR lately, but they’ve just developed a new feature that should save considerable post processing time. 


Hacker Duplicates Stratasys Concept?

A contest on Hackaday has resulted in a design that is somewhat similar to Stratasys’ new continuous demonstrator concept. 


Concept Laser’s Automation Initiative

Concept Laser is working towards a significant automation system that could enable easy integration of their equipment into factory environments. 


Automated Part-Removing 3D Printer: The NVPro

Although we’ve seen an influx in the amount of 3D printers to hit the market in recent years, there is still only one that completely automates the process from start to finish, and that is the NVPro from NVBOTS.

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