Boeing and Lotus Join Forces to Advance AM Processes and Materials

One makes planes, the other designs race cars. It would seem that on face value Boeing and Lotus Racing have little in common aside from a need for speed. However, just beneath the surface both companies rely on different permutations of the same physical processes to achieve success.


Rezvani Supercar Uses 3D Printed Components

In the past year a good number of car companies began experimenting with 3D printing, wondering how it could help their performance, manufacturing and design. For automotive startup Rezvani Motors 3D printing was key to saving weight in its BEAST 500 supercar.


Local Motors to Debut 3D Printed Car in September

Local Motors recently announced that it has agreed to produce a 3D printed vehicle for the Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT), which will debut at the International Manufacturing Show (IMS) this coming September.


3D Print Your Honda Concept Car

Honda Motors has taken a big step into the consumer 3D printing world by offering cars for download. 


The Urbee Car: Destroyed?

This picture tells the story. Evidently the world’s first 3D printed car, the Urbee, incurred significant damage while being shipped home to North America from


Printing a 1927 Miller 91 Race Car

It’s one thing to print simple items with your 3D printer, like a coat hook or clamp, but some people take the power of the


Design of the Week: 3D Printed Gran Torino

This week’s selection is Ioan Florea’s amazing full-size 3D printed Gran Torino, as displayed at Carbondale’s Surplus Gallery in Illinois during his Tactile Histories exhibition. 


Lexus Creates 3D Printed Car-Mice For iPads

This is one of the more unusual uses of 3D printing we’ve seen. Apparently car maker Lexus exhibited their current vehicles at the recent 2013 Seoul Motor Show in Korea. At their display was an “Interactive Table” holding several bolted-down iPads.

He’s 3D Printing a James Bond Car!

New Zealander Ivan Sentch must be a big Bond fan as he’s undertaken a spectacular project to 3D print a life-size replica of James Bond’s


Rapid Sheet Metal Prototyping at Ford

Over the last 100 years or so, the Ford Motor Company has gotten really good at stamping sheet metal parts. Sadly, stamping can take up


3D Printed Car Wins Pilkington Design Award

Nir Siegel, a vehicle design student at the Royal College of Art has recently been awarded the Pilkington prize’s Best Design Interpretation for his Genesis


Ford Predicts 3D Printed Spare Parts

A recent Wall Street Journal article describes Ford and General Electric’s experiments in 3D printed prototypes and production parts. While that’s not new, we observed


3D Print A Car In 2500 Hours

You might recall the Urbee – the world’s first 3D printed car, developed in 2011 by Kor EcoLogic? The design of this amazing car pioneered


Ford Equips Engineers With MakerBots

It’s no surprise that engineers at Ford make use of high-power commercial 3D printers; the technology has been in use at major industrial design operations


007’s 3D Printed Cars

Not one, but three 3D printed cars were created for secret agent 007 James Bond for his recent film, Skyfall. No, they weren’t full size,

Exclusive Video: 3D Printed Car Unveiled

Last night Fabbaloo attended the official unveiling of the Urbee 3D printed car, which we’ve covered previously. The Urbee is an ultra-efficient urban vehicle prototype


Urbee, The 3D Printed Car

Can you 3D print a working car? The folks making the Urbee car believe so. They’ve prototyping an ultra-efficient (300 miles per gallon, 0.8L/100Km) urban


Lexus Invents New Form of 3D Printing

New Scientist reports on an innovative parts-making process invented by Lexus. It’s a kind of futuristic 3D Loom that essentially “weaves” parts together. The circular


Racing Prototypes

MCD Racing produces radio-controlled racing cars, 1/5 the size of real vehicles. These are not toys – they are highly sophisticated machines capable of winning


Printing A Car? Really?

After last week’s news that an entire car body was being produced on a 3D printer, we had an offline discussion with Joris Peels of


Stratasys Prints A Car!

Well, not exactly an *entire car* – but just its body. The Urbee was an entrant to Progressive Insurance’s Automotive X-Prize. The competition has now

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