Amy Elliott: “Question the norm!”

Amy Elliott: “Question The Norm!”

Dr. Amy Elliott is a full research staff at Oak Ridge National Lab where she serves as principle investigator for binder jet additive manufacturing (AM).

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Xjet Splits 3D Printer Lines

When Xjet first developed their nanoparticle jetting (NPJ) process, they didn’t realize it would split into two different styles. We found out why.

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ExOne’s New X1 160PRO Metal 3D Printer

ExOne announced a huge new metal 3D printer, the X1 160PRO, which can provide large-scale metal additive manufacturing capability to industry.

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Waiting For Xerox

As industrial interest in 3D printing grows exponentially, new players are sure to arrive. One of them is likely to be Xerox.

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GE Has a BInder Jetting 3D Printer?

I thought I misread the press release, when it said GE Additive has developed a binder jet 3D printer. 

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