Book of the Week: CAD Engineering Essentials

This week’s selection is “CAD Engineering Essentials: Hands-on Help for Small Manufacturers and Smart Technical People (No Nonsense Manual Book 3)” by Mark Lynch.


Designing for production parts

How do we get to tomorrow, to use 3D Printing for true Manufacturing applications through to production?


Dassault Acquires Exa

More consolidation in the 3D CAD market: Dassault Systèmes is acquiring Exa. 


Dassault Systemes Points Elbows to Sky, Launches SOLIDWORKS 2018

Well, props to the mom’s of 1,000,000+ designers and engineers who, for reasons unbeknownst to them, gave a collective high-five from the sheer excitement of their sons and daughters learning SOLIDWORKS 2018 was indeed released and now available.


How To Make A 3D Printed Roller Coaster

Matt Schmotzer, a graduate student at Purdue University for mechanical engineering, has always had an affinity towards both roller coasters and 3D printing. 


Autodesk’s Roadmap for Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is Autodesk’s flagship product for 3D CAD in the market. But where is it going? Let’s find out. 


3YOURMIND’s Powerful 3D Printing Meta-Service

I’m taking a look at 3YOURMIND, a Berlin-based startup that provides simplified ways to access 3D printing services for industrial and professional use. 


And After You Learn 3D CAD…

I’m reading an interesting post on GrabCAD by Khadija Ouajjani that discusses the testing of a 3D design.


5 Ways Fusion 360 Improves Team Collaboration

Well, well, well. We have quite a cocktail coming together here. We’ve poured in some Fusion 360 part modeling and assembly features, and squeezed in a little simulation. 


Onshape Receives USD$80M; Fuel For Massive Growth

Upstart web-based 3D modeling service Onshape just raised a massive USD$80M from a group of venture capital investors, which may lead to a battle for 3D modeling supremacy in the future.


Powerful New Features in Onshape

Web-based 3D CAD service Onshape continues to add new features and fixes almost weekly, but recently a very powerful feature was added: DXF and DWG import. 


Are You Overflowing With 3D Models?

To use a 3D printer, you must have 3D models. But wait, exactly how many do you have? Probably far too many to keep track of. 


Battle of the 3D CAD Systems

Autodesk jiggered the features on their subscription CAD service, Fusion 360. Why did they do so? 


A Look at Onshape

A relatively recent newcomer to the CAD world, Onshape is riding the waves of Cloud computing and aims to set the standard of industrial and product design of the future. 

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