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Stratasys To Collaborate With Jay Leno

Jay Leno partners with Stratasys to enable a digital inventory and 3D printing approach to maintain his vast collection of vintage automobiles.


What? Desktop Metal Is Doing Desktop Plastic?

Desktop Metal announced a continuous carbon fiber 3D printer, the Fiber, which uses a version of the industrial AFP (automated fiber placement) process to produce very strong parts.

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Metal And Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Farms

3D printer farms aren’t a new concept — but the advantages of grouping together high-strength 3D printing units are growing. Markforged has just introduced its

$continuous carbon fiber 3D printer

Continuous Carbon Fiber 3D Printing Gets Massive

While we recently reported that carbon fiber 3D printing is still in its early stages, we have also learned that development in the space is quickly progressing.

$polymaker engineering materials

Polymaker’s New 3D Printing Materials

Polymaker announced a series of new materials, and offered some dramatic demonstrations of their capabilities.

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Fiberthree: More Than Materials

Fiberthree is a German company producing several 3D printing products, but focusing mainly on materials.

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Advanced 3D Printed Fiber Concept

A paper from the University of Surrey details a new materials concept, but perhaps this could be done with advanced 3D printers.

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Markforged Shuffles Product Line

3D printer manufacturer Markforged has introduced a couple of new machines that alters their product lineup considerably.


The Cosine AdditiveMachine1 Large-Format 3D Printer

The number of very large plastic-extrusion technology 3D printers is increasing. Today we’re looking at the Cosine AdditiveMachine1, which definitely qualifies for that list. 

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The Mark One Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

We took a look at a surprise 3D printer unveiled this week: Mark Forg3D’s Mark One,  after a year of secret development work. At a

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