The Carbon L1 Ships

Carbon announced they now offer their huge Carbon L1 Production 3D printer for general availability.


New Normal: The Permanent Beta

There’s a very powerful implication of the Carbon / Adidas shoe project that could change everything in the near future. 


Carbon Expands Material Lineup for Ultrafast 3D Printing

When Carbon finally launched its M1 3D printer last year, the system came with a portfolio of several exciting photopolymers for use with the company’s continuous liquid interface production (CLIP) technology. 


Carbon’s Massive Expansion

Two years ago, few had any idea about Carbon, the 3D printing startup that’s now rapidly expanding across the globe. 


Carbon Expands 3D Printing Service Bureau Network

Given the speed and materials possible with continuous liquid interface production (CLIP)—the groundbreaking 3D printing tech developed by Carbon—it’s not surprising that large manufacturers such as BMW and Delphi Automotive have taken the tech on board for prototyping and short-run production. 


Carbon’s True Focus: Materials

Carbon’s new M1 3D printer has been announced, but I feel the more interesting part of the Carbon story is the materials they’re offering – and will offer for the machine. 


Carbon Renamed & Rolling CLIP Out to More Early Adopters

Since the announcement a year ago (almost to the day) introducing the world to the CLIP 3D printing process, from the company that was then called Carbon3D, much has been made of the speed of this process and the high levels of funding it has garnered. 


Is Carbon3D’s Printing Process Limited?

You likely saw the big announcement from Carbon3D of their revolutionary and speedy 3D printing process, but are there limitations to their approach? We think there could be.


More On Carbon3D’s New 3D Printing Process

If you are anywhere close to the world of 3D printing, you no doubt saw the blockbuster announcement last week of Carbon3D’s new speedy process. We took a bit deeper look at it. 

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