NASA Spins Off 3D Printing Technique

I’m reading about how NASA has been using 3D printing on their giant SLS rocket, and noticed they were using a technique we have not written about previously.


3D Printing and Casting In One Step

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA have developed an unusual method of combining two manufacturing processes. 

binder jet

GE Has a BInder Jetting 3D Printer?

I thought I misread the press release, when it said GE Additive has developed a binder jet 3D printer. 


7 Handy Resin Casting Tips and Tricks

Before you get to work on the final product of your design, it’s in your best interests to make a prototype first, right? 


Voxeljet Achieves Finer Resolution

Voxeljet announced a new process that should achieve higher resolutions for 3D printed investment casting applications, but it’s all about the material.


3D Printed Casting Tradeoffs

I’m reading a piece by VoxelJet explaining how they’re working with a client, but it occurred to me there is a tradeoff to consider. 


Polymaker’s Simplified 3D Casting System

Polymaker is one of those interesting plastic filament companies that keeps inventing unusual products. One of them is their casting solution.


The REVOCaster Is Now Live

Back in 2014 I wrote on the REVOcaster, a rotational casting device that could complement any 3D printer operation. Now it’s available for order. 


MOLDLAY Filament Makes Casting Easy

There have been many attempts at casting using conventional 3D printers, but now filament-wizard Kai Parthy has developed a an easy-to-use solution: MOLDLAY.


voxeljet Debuts Phenolic Resin Binder

In a recent announcement voxeljet has debuted a newly developed Phenolic-Direct-Binding method. This new binding method not only offers key advantages for sand printing but also allows for the production of ceramic molds.

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