Bugatti 3D Prints Classic Car for Kids

French sports car manufacturer Bugatti first made its mark on the world with the Bugatti Type 35 race car (“the Bugatti Baby”) in the early 20th century.


A $35 3D Printer? Not!

This seems impossible, but I saw an advertisement for a US$35 3D printer.


The Toybox: A 3D Printer for Kids

I’m looking at a crowdfunding campaign for the “Toybox”, and believe this could be a good option for a holiday gift. 


Weistek’s MiniToy 3D Printer For Kids

After questioning whether 3D printers should be made for children the other, we see Weistek releasing a 3D printer specifically designed for kids! 


Flashforge’s 3D Printer for Kids

Flashforge has a reputation for producing solid personal 3D printers. But now they appear to be developing a children’s 3D printer. 


The Doodle3D Box

Another Kickstarter launch in the 3D printing space: Doodle3D, made by a Netherlands startup company. This product is a method to simplify the design and


Crayon Creatures!

In yet another easy-for-consumers 3D printing service, Crayon Creatures provides a way for your children to receive a 3D printout of their hand drawn crayon

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