The PotterBot Evolves

Since we last looked at the PotterBot two years ago, it seems there have been many improvements. 


van Herpt’s Incredible Ceramic 3D Printer

In a tiny workshop located in a repurposed aging factory in Eindhoven lies one of the most interesting 3D printers in the world: Olivier van Herpt’s ceramic 3D printer. 


Sculptable Filament Coming Soon

A new style of 3D printer filament is being developed by Adam Beane Industries that will enable you to post-process your print by sculpting.


The Minibuilders 3D Construction Robots

The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC) of Barcelona has developed a set of experimental robots capable of building clay structures. 


The WASP Project 3D Prints Clay

Need something 3D printed in clay? Something very large? If so you’ll want to check out the WASP project from Italy.      WASP is

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