A Look at MakerOS V2

A Look At MakerOS V2

I had a chat with the friendly folks at MakerOS to learn about their new “V2” software.

Arduino Launches IoT Cloud Service

Arduino Launches IoT Cloud Service

Arduino has launched its IoT Cloud, designed from the ground up as a low-code approach that allows users to collect, graph and analyze their projects’ sensor data.

EMBARGO 18 11ET Aug MakerBot Announces MakerBot CloudPrint

MakerBot Announces MakerBot CloudPrint

MakerBot announced a new service called MakerBot CloudPrint, which is intended to deliver a seamless 3D printing experience to clients.


SketchUp Goes Subscription-Only

SketchUp, the 3D tool many of us began learning 3D concepts from, has moved to a subscription payment model.


Whoa! Onshape Acquired By PTC!

In a blockbuster corporate acquisition, PTC is to acquire Onshape to gain access to a powerful CAD cloud system that can be marketed to all their users.


One On One With Standard Cyborg’s CEO

What is Standard Cyborg all about? We talked to Co-Founder and CEO Jeff Huber to learn more about the 3D vision and scanning startup.


How To Save Your $25K Metal 3D Print From Failure

What happens when an expensive metal 3D print fails and no one is around? The Polysense Solutions sensor will detect and alert additive manufacturing operators in real time.

$generative design for 3D printing

Matters At ParaMatters

Generative design is advancing toward more automated design solutions for additive manufacturing. ParaMatters’ CTO provides a look into what’s new with CogniCAD’s cloud-based generative design software.


Massive Deal For AstroPrint

AstroPrint announced a spectacular arrangement with Stanley Black & Decker.


Raise3D Getting Into The Cloud

But those days are mostly gone, except for ultra-low priced equipment competing on price – but not convenience of use.


Polar3D Gets a Huge Financial Boost

Polar3D, the makers of a very unusual desktop 3D printer, just announced they’ve received USD$2M in investment. 


Autodesk Forges Critical New APIs for Forge

Autodesk’s Forge cloud-based 3D initiative gained some new APIs this past week, and they’ll be of specific interest to 3D printing folks. 


3DPrinterOS Gains Some Portability

One of the leading cloud-based 3D printing services just made life a lot easier by supporting the Raspberry Pi 3. 


Autodesk’s Forge 3D Platform

When Autodesk does something, they don’t fool around. Now they’ve announced a new cloud-based 3D platform that could shake things up. 


CloudDDM’s New Strategic End-of-Runway 3D Printing Service

As additive manufacturing (AM) in combination with other 3D technology continues to affect industrial manufacturing and design processes in the global marketplace, an increasing number of companies will be faced with an important investment decision: For 3D printing needs, do we invest the resources to purchase an industrial 3D printer or do we use a 3D printing service bureau?


3DPrinterOS Update

We’ve been quietly testing the cloud-based 3DPrinterOS recently and asked the company to tell us the latest developments. 


Hands on with 3DPrinterOS

We’re looking today at a new software solution to 3D printing: the 3DPrinterOS.

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