Siemens Pushes Digital Twins in CNC Manufacturing

Siemens Pushes Digital Twins in CNC Manufacturing

Siemens recently announced its new SINUMERIK CNC control system. While Siemens has long been a hallmark of CNC controllers, this new system takes its cue from other parts of the company’s repertoire.

$snapmaker kickstarter

Snapmaker 2.0 Raises The Most

Snapmaker completed their recent Kickstarter campaign with astonishing results.


Fictiv’s Survey On Production

Fictiv released the results of a survey of their manufacturing clients and found some interesting results.


The Curious IVI 3D Printer

I’m looking at some details on an upcoming 3D printer that seems too good to believe.


Is This Really An $8M 3D Printed Home?

I’m reading a very curious report on Forbes describing an expensive California home that’s partially 3D printed, apparently.


Adding and Subtracting: 5AXISMAKER

An inexpensive new making machine has emerged, one that performs both additive and subtractive manufacturing. 

3d hubs

3D Hubs CNC Venture Succeeds

Amsterdam-based 3D Hubs mentioned something very interesting in their recent newsletter. 


What to Make of the Snapmaker?

The Snapmaker is a very low cost desktop 3D printer that has now raised a great deal of money, but is this a good thing?


Meet the EU’s LASSIM Project

The EU is sponsoring a project that is attempting to create the “world’s largest hybrid manufacturing machine”. 


Ability3D’s Desktop Metal 3D Printer

Metal 3D printing on the desktop is pretty much a dream for many designers due to the extreme cost involved, but soon there may be an option. 


The Versa3D is at a Different Level

A few 3D printer manufacturers have integrated different making tools into their devices, but the new Versa3D from CreateAll seems to go a lot farther. 


ZMorph Adds Three More

3D printer manufacturer ZMorph has released no less than three new toolheads for their device. 


It’s a 3D Printed CNC Mill

We don’t normally write about mills, but we will about this one because it is 3D printed. 


PrintrBot Reveals a CNC Router Product

PrintrBot has been selling a startling number of low-priced 3D printer kits recently, but now they’re branching out into a completely new product line: CNC Routers.


The Mebotics Microfactory

  It’s billed as “the world’s first machine shop in a box”, and it very well might be. The Mebotics Microfactory is an enclosed unit


It Does Everything: The FABotum

A new Indiegogo project hopes to develop the FABotum, a multidiscipline manufacturing device. Actually, it’s full name is the “FABtotum Multipurpose Desktop Personal Fabricator”.  


The iModela IM-01 “3D Printer”

We’ve been reading a ton of posts from various online services talking about Japan-based Roland’s new “iModela 3D Printer”. This fully assembled device is able


Modular Desktop CNC Machine Needs Your Help

AJ Quick’s new Kickstarter project is an inexpensive but highly capable desktop CNC machine. The device was designed by University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering students



It’s not a 3D Printer, but it is a very capable 5-axis CNC machine; the StudioMill, sold by A1 Technologies. Directed at academic institutions, the


A1’s Subtractive UNIMAT Series

A1 Technology, sellers of a variety of additive 3D equipment including the low-cost BfB 3000 3D printer and RapMan 3D printer has introduced an entirely



The DIYLILCNC is a do-it-yourself CNC machine. Much like open source 3D printer designs, this one is instead for a CNC machine. This one can

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