SimplyColor3D Goes 2.0

SimplyColor3D Goes 2.0

SimplyColor3D has now now moved to version 2.0, and it includes a lot more features.

DyeMansion Raises M Series B

DyeMansion Raises $14M Series B

German additive manufacturing post-processing company DyeMansion has closed a $14 million Series B funding round.


Multicolor SLS 3D Printing Coming?

New research has demonstrated an inexpensive method of reliably producing different color shades during SLS 3D printing, but will it replace dyeing?


Student or Educator? A RIZE 3D Printer May Be For You

If you’re a youngin’ whose neurons have just myelinated or an educator who’s responsible for bludgeoning their brain tissue with knowledge, there’s a 3D printer option you’ll want to add to your lab list – A RIZE 3D Printer.

clean green 3d

Who Is Clean Green 3D?

The MCOR Technologies ArkePro full color 3D printer, which uses paper, has been resurrected.


XRIZE Ships!

Rize announced they are now shipping their flagship full-color 3D Printer, the XRIZE, to the public.

art filament

Is There Such A Thing As Museum-Quality 3D Printer Filament?

Is there a “correct” or “optimal” set of colors for 3D printing materials for artists? One company has scientifically developed a set of unique and beautiful PLA materials for artistic 3D prints.


Stratasys Shows Fashion Fabric 3D Printing System

When will 3D printing finally change the fashion industry? It may happen soon with Stratasys’ announcement of a way to 3D print in full color directly on fabric using production processes.

$3d printing innovations

Five Impactful 3D Printing Innovations

Let’s take a look at a few of the most impressive 3D printing innovations of the last five years and see how much the industry has changed since it began.

$neon colored 3D prints

How Advanced Can 3D Printed Colors Be?

I spoke with DyeMansion’s Chief Customer Officer, Kai Witter, about the company’s new advanced 3D print color systems.


The End of Mcor Technologies?

It appears the end is near for Mcor Technologies, as we have indications they are in receivership.


Few Ways To 3D Print In Full Color

Color 3D printing is a bit of a rarity in today’s world, but it does exist and can be done in several ways.


Mcor Sneaks Out The ARKePro

Call us surprised; Mcor Technologies seems to have released a new 3D printer without a lot of fanfare.


Stratasys Ups Their Color

We took a close look at color 3D prints from Stratasys’ new color system. 


About That Color Changing Technology

There seems to be lot of news surrounding MIT’s announcement of a color changing 3D printing technology, but how could you use it? 


3D Printing’s Color Problem

Most 3D printing is done without regard to color, but what happens when it is truly important? 


MCOR’s AWR: Automatic Post Processing

We haven’t heard much from MCOR lately, but they’ve just developed a new feature that should save considerable post processing time. 


Stratasys Tweaks Their J750 Materials

Stratasys offers one of the leading machines for full color 3D printing, and now they are making more friendly for prototyping. 


Coloring Your Own 3D Printer Filament

There aren’t very many people making their own 3D printer filament, but if you do, you might want to carefully select the color. 


The ComeTrue T10 Color 3D Printer

There are certainly not a great many choices when seeking a full, RGB color texture 3D printer, but MicroJet’s ComeTrue T10 is one of them. 

3D Systems

3D Systems Continues Advancing Color 3D Printing

There are still questions about the amount of demand for color 3D printing, but 3D Systems evidently supports the concept, announcing a new 3D color printer. 


One on One With Mcor’s Conor MacCormack, Part 2

We had the rare opportunity to sit down with Mcor Technology’s CEO, Conor MacCormack at CES and find out what’s been happening with the company in recent months. 


One on One With Mcor’s Conor MacCormack, Part 1

We had the rare opportunity to sit down with Mcor Technology’s CEO, Conor MacCormack at CES and find out what’s been happening with the company in recent months. 


AIO Robotic’s New Multi-Color Option

AIO Robotics has introduced an interesting new feature that enables basic color changing on their desktop 3D printer. 


Multi-Nozzle Desktop 3D Printers Just Died

I’ve never been a big fan of dual (or more) nozzle 3D printers because of the problems inherent in the design, but now, perhaps, that style may be heading out with a development from Prusa Research. 

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