Is Stratasys Feeling The Pressure From Below?

Stratasys launched an unusual marketing campaign that for the first time targets users of low-cost alternative 3D printing equipment. Why did they do this?

$3D Pioneers Challenge

Winners: 2019 3D Pioneers Challenge

The prestigious 3D Pioneers Challenge has announced winners for the 2019 contest, awarding more than €40,000 to innovative projects.

$Student Grant winners

Winners: 2019 3D Hubs Student Grant

Winners have been announced in 3D Hubs’ Student Grant design contest highlighting student work in product design, transportation, sustainability, robotics, and healthcare.


The 2015 Boston Printathon

In March 3D printers will be busy in Boston’s Brandeis University at the annual Printathon 3D Printing Competition.


Oxfam Partners with MyMiniFactory

3D printing is powerful and can, like atomic power, be used for good and evil. Today we’re learning about one of the good uses. 


CGTrader’s Massive 3D Print Competition

There’s a lot of 3D print competitions lately, but this one seems to involve more prizes than we’ve seen before. CGTrader’s “3D Printing Competition” seeks


Making It Real at OCAD U

Canada’s OCAD University is sponsoring a juried exhibition of digitally fabricated objects between May 14-28 during the Toronto International Jewelry Festival. Specifically they’re concerned with


CGTrader’s Model Competition

3D model site CGTrader is running a contest for, obviously, the best 3D model uploaded to their site by March 15th. There is an extensive


3D4D Challenge Claimed By WOOF

The 3D4D challenge winner was announced and it’s the University of Washington Open Object Fabricators, a.k.a. “WOOF”. They received the prize of USD$100,000 during the


The 2013 Extreme Redesign 3D Printing Challenge

Each year Stratasys sponsors an excellent competition between students to determine the most interesting and useful 3D printable designs. This year they’re launching the 2013


MCOR’s Talents

Here’s a new challenge specific to a particular 3D Printer: the Freedom of Creations (FOC) Talents design brief Quarter 4 2010 requests “end product application


The Gada Prize

We’ve seen tremendous achievements in recent years through the excitement generated by a series of startling X-prize challenges. Now there’s one addressing 3D printing, specifically


FabLab Ignites Fab@School

The Fab@Home guys at Cornell have won a major contest in the education sector, as they were recently named one of eight winners in the


Enter The Shapeways Student Contest

Shapeways 3D print service announced a brand new contest, this one for students only. Named the “2010 Shapeways Full Color 3D Print Student Contest”, it


Win $20,000 in a Design Contest

We know you like to design things, so why not try to win a large prize with your best ideas? Consider entering the “Create the


Finalists Announced in 3D Printing Contest

The annual Dimension 3D Extreme Redesign Contest has announced nine finalists in three categories.   High School Category Finalists: Robby Ridzy, Medina County Career Center,


SpaceNavigators Are Free!

We’re a big fan of SpaceNavigators, those pleasant-feeling 3D controllers that are most often found in your not-the-regular-mouse hand. The SpaceNav is compatible with a


BlenderArtists Competition

i.Materialise has launched a design challenge on Blender designers at the BlenderArtists site: “BlenderArtists.org is the most popular community site dedicated to the free, open-source


$100K For a Better 3D Printer!

The Foresight institute has announced their version of the X-Prize, the Kartik M. Gada Humanitarian Innovation Prize. The idea is to award a hardworking team


Material of the Year!

  Last month blog Material ConneXion announcement the winners in their new MEDIUM Award for Material of the Year. This is the first annual presentation


Extreme Redesign 2009

Dimension Printing has announced their annual “Extreme Redesign” competition for 2009-10. The annual event highlights innovative designs created by students. As usual, there are several


(Un)Limited Design Contest!

  The Dutch FabLabs have organized a design contest that may be of interest to Fabbaloo readers. According to Bas van Abel, Creative Director of


From 3D, Comes Infinium!

  The University of Michigan has spent more than USD$1M to produce the above pictured Infinium solar car, which is to take part in the


CATIA Design Visualization Contest

  A post at 3D Perspectives shows some of the great entries into their recent Design Visualization Contest. While some of the visualizations were well


3D Printing Up For Award

  Could a 3D Printing company win the prestigious World Technology Award? MCOR technologies, whom we’ve written on several times in past months, is nominated


Extreme Redesign Winners Announced!

  Dimension Printing’s annual contest for imaginative designers has concluded for 2008-9 with the winners being announced. They are: University category: Chris Triska & Alexander


Extreme Redesign Finalists Announced

  Dimension Printing holds an annual contest to find amazing 3D designs by students. Winners receive scholarships in various amounts. Entrants were in three categories,


Langford’s Prints

Sean Langford is a “lead artist at Green Grass Studios”, where he works on “modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, compositing, and editing”, but his “focus has

Extreme Redesign Repeats

For the fifth year Stratasys’ Dimension 3D Printing Group is running their annual Extreme Redesign: The Ultimate 3D Printing Challenge. According to the press release,


3D Printing Challenge: The Winners

Dimension has announced the winners of their annual 3D printing challenge. A few weeks ago we reported on this competition. The challenge is open to


Ponoko Contest Winners

The lads at Ponoko (a New Zealand-based prosumer-oriented fabbing service) have announced the results for the Invitation Round of their Jewelry Design Challenge. Truly amazing


3D Modeling Contest

GraphicsCompetitions.com points out an “International Modeling Contest”. No, it’s not a runway in Milan – it’s a 3D design competition. Specifically, the contest seeks new


NASA Seeks 3D Printing

NASA’s Langley Research Center has posted an invitation for solicitations for a “high resolution 3D printer”. At first we thought this device might be headed


Generator X 2.0 Revisited

Remember back to early December? We posted about the GeneratorX 2.0 workshop, an exhibition of designer works who used various digital fabrication techniques to produce


Generator.X 2.0

Generator.X 2.0 is a “a workshop and exhibition about digital fabrication and generative systems” in which 15 designers will be selected to participate. Using modern

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