$Fortify Series A

$10M Investment Fortifies Fortify

Fortify has announced a successful Series A round, raising $10 million, readying the company for growth in high-strength composite 3D printing.


Fortify Fortifies Composite 3D Printing

Boston-based Fortify has announced a $2.5 million strategic funding round set to advance its Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) process for strong 3D printing.


Has Essentium Reinvented 3D Printing?

Call us impressed. Essentium’s new HSE 180•S seems like a 3D printer utterly different from its competitors.


Arevo Labs’ Fascinating Materials and Software

In the middle of Silicon Valley lies the headquarters of an advanced 3D printing company: Arevo Labs, who produce some extremely interesting materials and software. 


Impossible Objects Receives Funding

The scientists at Impossible Objects have developed a unique 3D printing process, and it appears the market like it: they were just awarded USD$2.8M. 


Composite Materials used in 3D Printer

Objet announced their “Polyjet Matrix technology”, which apparently enables the use of multiple materials simultaneously in a 3D printer. This is a major step, since

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