The Transformation of Loop 3D

Loop 3D has completely switched gears and after two years has released a powerful industrial 3D printer. We found out all about it and its numerous features.


Robot Factory’s Silver Belt 3D Printer

Robot Factory just announced a new continuous belt 3D printer that can, with the right options, reach high temperatures, enabling 3D printing of engineering materials like PEEK and ULTEM.


Farsoon’s Powder-Eating CAMS System

Farsoon completed customer beta-testing of their powerful HT1001P CAMS nylon 3D printing production system, which can 3D print continuously.


What? Desktop Metal Is Doing Desktop Plastic?

Desktop Metal announced a continuous carbon fiber 3D printer, the Fiber, which uses a version of the industrial AFP (automated fiber placement) process to produce very strong parts.


Loop3D’s Continuous 3D Printing System

With all the competition in professional desktop 3D printers these days, it’s hard to stand out. But Loop3D has found a way. 


About That Printrbelt Concept

I’m reading about the interesting collaboration between Polar 3D and Printrbot, who together have produced something they call the “Printrbelt”. 

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