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3D Printing From Crowdsourced Data

A new project from Virginia Tech is perhaps the closest we’ve yet come to 3D printing as a Star Trek Replicator.

LittleRP Sells Out

No, LittleRP hasn’t been bought out by the corporates. Instead they’ve sold out their Kickstarter campaign. 

MOTA Bails Out

A 3D printer launch campaign has fizzled. MOTA has suspended their Kickstarter. 

3D Hubs Begins a Content Ecosystem

While 3D Hubs may be one of the largest networks of independently operated 3D printers, it really just provides access to printing. Until today, that is, with the addition of a new content service.

Will You Help the Ouaga Lab?

There are a great many Fab Labs in the world doing great things, but there’s one that you might want to support: the Ouaga Lab. 

3D Hubs Hits a Milestone

Crowdsourced 3D printing network 3D Hubs achieved a major milestone this week by accepting their 5,000th location. But there’s more to it than mere numbers.

PrintToPeer Powers 3D Hubs

Cloud-based 3D operations startup PrintToPeer has partnered with 3D printer crowdsource network 3D Hubs to vastly simplify use of the network. 

Peachy Printer Campaign Ends – But Not Really

The world’s first USD$100 3D printer’s launch campaign has closed, with the Peachy Printer project raising over USD$650,000 on their Kickstarter page.    This amount

3D Hubs Offers Community 3D Printing

3D Hubs joins several other startups attempting to crowdsource inexpensive 3D printing. The idea is that idle home or business 3D printers could be put


Follow the White Rabbit, the 3D Printed One

In the classic movie, The Matrix, Neo is challenged by a mysterious online message to “Follow the White Rabbit”. Such a rabbit appears before Neo


A Collaborative 3D Printed Sculpture

Calgary-based PrintToPeer is experimenting with what could be the world’s first crowd-printed sculpture. Anyone with access to a 3D printer can participate.    The idea


The Rygo – Printed

We wrote of an unusual crowd funding project to back what would be North America’s largest 3D print to date. The project was to print


eMaker Increases Capacity in an Unusual Way

You’ll recall that 3D printer manufacturer eMaker recently ran an IndieGoGo campaign to raise funds to kickstart their company. The campaign was wildly successful, raising

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