3D Printing Hits The Slopes

3D Printing Hits The Slopes

Charles R. Goulding and Peter Favata take a look at the sporty side of 3D printing with a focus on skiing.


Customized Products Face Consumer Challenges

Dassault Systèmes has undertaken a survey to understand consumer attitudes to custom-made products and this could affect the future growth of 3D printing.


Will 3D Printing Truly Reshape Retail?

Singularity Hub’s Peter Diamandis makes some predictions about how the retail market may be affected by 3D printing in the future. We have some counter-points.


What Every 3D Printing Company Should Be Doing

Trinckle has developed a powerful new system, Paramate, that can automatically generate custom 3D models to vastly simplify the process of producing unique low volume parts for production.


3devo Focusing On Customer Training

Is it really possible to produce your own 3D printer filaments? 3devo seems to have figured out not only the hardware to do so, but also the process.


Footprint Footwear is 3D Printed

A new startup hopes to capitalize on the custom-footwear market by 3D printing shoes that precisely fit the wearer. 


Everyone Needs an Ancestro3D

Mexico-based Ideaz 3D is attempting to develop a very unique 3D print application, Ancestro3D.


uformit’s Adaptive 3D Print Service

We had a peek at format’s new technology in NYC earlier this year, but now everyone can make use of it as they’ve just launched their new 3D print site. 

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