ZMorph Ups Laser Engraving Capabilities

Multi-functional 3D printers offer just that — multiple functions. As the technologies progress, so do the capabilities possible for desktop fabrication.

$Amazon Prime Day

3D Systems Returning To Consumer 3D Printing?

Is 3D Systems changing strategy? They are selling their FabPro 1000 as a consumer or prosumer platform via Amazon Prime Day — what comes next?

%A Great Third Party Slicer For Resin 3D Printers: ChiTuBox

ChiTuBox: The Other 3D Print Slicer

I’m taking a look at ChiTuBox, a third party 3D print slicing system.


The Prusa Bear Upgrade

There’s an exciting upgrade for the most popular 3D printer around: the Prusa Bear Upgrade.


The SOL 3D Scanner

Scan Dimension has released a new tabletop 3D scanner, the SOL.


Formlabs Announces The Form 3!

Formlabs has a secret no longer: they’ve released two versions of an entirely new 3D printer, the Form 3 and Form 3L.


The Method Behind the Method

Continuing a chat with MakerBot’s CEO and VP of Engineering, we turn to more particulars on the new Method 3D printer.


Wait, Is Consumer 3D Printing Back?

After thinking more about Prusa Printers’ astonishing production figures, I’m now wondering whether consumer 3D printing is back.


The 3D Printer Financial Chart

Tuan Tranpham has posted a very telling chart showing where many current 3D printer offerings lay on a financial scale. 

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