How To Coordinate COVID-19 Parts Production

A group in Huntsville, Alabama has developed a sophisticated system for collecting, cleaning and distributing emergency medical equipment 3D printed by individual supporters.


Book of the Week: 66 DIY-Projects

This week’s selection is “66 DIY-Projects: 66 awesome projects to realize with a 3D printer For Beginners & Advanced!” by Johannes Wild. 


Book of the Week: Build Your Own Mini Metal Maker

Did you ever want to try 3D printing in metal but did not have a million dollar budget to do so? If so, this book explains step-by-step how to build an inexpensive 3D printer that can actually 3D print metal objects.


The LumiBEE Open Source 3D Printer

There is a new option for those wishing to build their own 3D printer: Lumi Industries released open source plans for a resin 3D printer, the LumiBEE.


Why We Cover Large and Small 3D Printers

Some may wonder why this publication covers both small-scale DIY 3D printing and at the same time large-scale industrial production additive manufacturing. We explain our thinking.


What Is A Consumer 3D Printer?

What is a consumer 3D printer? Is it a DIY device? What characteristics might describe a 3D printer for hobbyists? We have a list of features.


A £99 3D Printer? Apparently So

Is a low-cost, actually functional 3D printer possible? It may be so with Makertech 3D’s new Axis 3D printer, which sports many features normally found on higher-priced gear.

$3D Printed Telescope

Design of the Week: TelescopePrime

Want a 3D printed telescope? The TelescopePrime project is parametric, inexpensive, powered by Raspberry Pi and can take pictures of the universe.


3D Print Community: Otto DIY

This month’s selection for our community support program is the fascinating Otto DIY project: build your own robot.


Building a Sand Printer with a Laser Cutter

California-based William Osman has been experimenting with a homemade sand-fusion system based on a laser cutter that could eventually become a full 3D printer. 


The UberBlox Construction Set

A new project called “UberBlox” hopes to create a flexible electro-mechanical building and construction system. 

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