The FELIX BIOprinter Is Released

FELIXprinters has released a new bioprinter, the FELIX BIOprinter, which is quite a change for the long-time 3D printer manufacturer.

$makergear industrial 3D printer

The MakerGear Ultra One 3D Printer

We had a closer look at MakerGear’s new and powerful 3D printer, the Ultra One, their first industrial machine.

#The Best Jewelry Design Tools of 2019 - Jewelry D

3D Print Learning Series: Concepts

This is an entry in our 3D Print Learning Series, focusing on 3D print concepts.


The Several Methods of Dual Extrusion

With the increasing buzz over the near-necessity of dual extrusion, we thought we’d say a few words about how this is done. 


Cosine Additive Adds “Tandem Mode”

Large-format 3D printer manufacturer Cosine Additive has developed a powerful new feature that they call “Tandem” printing. 

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