Design of the Week: Giant Hot End

Have you ever wondered what is inside a 3D printer hot end? How does it soften plastic filament? This breakaway 3D model shows you how.

die cast

E3D-Online Announces The Hermes System

E3D-Online announced a breakthrough 3D printing extruder / hot end system called Hermes. It offers a very powerful feature, yet is still low priced.


What’s In E3D-Online’s Mystery Boxes?

E3D-Online produces some of the highest-quality 3D printer components used in the industry, and now you can obtain a batch of them at very low cost.

$E3D-Online Story

E3D-Online’s Origin Story

We had a chat with E3D-Online co-founder Sanjay Mortimer to find out more about the company.


E3D’s Next 3D Printer?

E3D-Online is very well known for their 3D printer components, but did you know they are working on their own 3D printer, again? 


Golden 3D Printing?

3D printer hotend maker E3D stepped up their “Gold Edition” with some interesting – and frivolous – upgrades. 


Controversy Around The E3D BIGBOX Contest?

BigBox3D is looking for a 3D mascot design for their new BIGBOX open source 3D printer, but it seems that they’ve upset some designers along the way. 

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