COBOD 3D Printing 200m Turbine Tower!

News from COBOD indicates they are to assist in the production of massive wind turbines by 3D printing large tower bases.

$3D Printed Electrode

More Research into 3D Printed Supercapacitors

Could high-power components be 3D printed? It seems so after new research from the University of Manchester, where a material to 3D print supercapacitors has been discovered.

$Electronics and 3D Printing

Book of the Week: Hacking Electronics

Considering a 3D print project requiring electronics? This book shows how to hack Arduinos, resistors, capacitors and other bits to sense, move and light up a project.


How To 3D Print Electricity

Researchers have developed highly useful new approaches for 3D printing piezoelectric materials.

Could We Propose Thermoelectric Filament?

I’m reading some interesting research from MIT researchers, who have developed a substance with vastly improved thermoelectric properties. 


BASF Partners With Essentium

This is interesting: Essentium and BASF are working together on some electrifying 3D print materials. 


Electrostatic Discharge Explained

A manufacturer of electrostatic discharge protection products contacted us and it seems that “ESD” is something all 3D printer operations should know about. 


3D Printing Needs Clean, Constant Power

You might think you need to fuel a 3D printer with plastic or resin and you’re good to go. But there’s something else you should be very concerned about: power. 

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