3D Printed IoT Products Are Coming

3D Printed IoT Products Are Coming

A quirky 3D print experiment from a few years ago seems to be leading towards an amazing plastic IoT future.

3D Printed Compressible Batteries

3D Printed Compressible Batteries

A team of researchers in Singapore and China has developed a unique process to produce compressible batteries using 3D printing.


3D Printing Innovating Smart Home Technology

Charles Goulding and Greer Veon review several consumer product companies who successfully used 3D printing technology to aid the development of their products.


Book of the Week: Practical Electronics for Inventors

Building a 3D printed project involving electronics? If so, you need this book, which will teach you every conceivable thing you need to know about integrating electronic circuits into your design.

$Electronics and 3D Printing

Book of the Week: Hacking Electronics

Considering a 3D print project requiring electronics? This book shows how to hack Arduinos, resistors, capacitors and other bits to sense, move and light up a project.


SWISSto12 Produces 3D Printed Antennae

A company uses a combination of 3D printing and electroplating to produce lightweight microwave and millimeter-wave transmission components. 


ZMorph Makes PCBoards, Too!

Remember ZMorph? The 3D printer that can use multiple heads for  functions beyond mere 3D printing? They just added another capability: PCBs!


The Rabbit Proto 3D Prints Circuits

Rabbit Proto has developed technology capable of 3D printing electrical traces – and it might be added to your existing 3D printer. 


Cornell 3D Prints a Working Audio Speaker

Researchers at Cornell University have developed a method that is capable of 3D printing an entire, working audio speaker.    The process involves two different


3D Printed Batteries?

Harvard materials scientist Jennifer Lewis has produced a new liquid material that could be used to 3D print lithium-ion batteries.    The “ink” is intended


3D Printing Liquid Metal Electric Circuits

Researchers Collin Ladd, Ju-Hee So, John Muth and Michael D. Dickey at NC State University have published a paper describing their experiment in 3D printing


An Interview With Limor Fried

Fabbaloo recently caught up with Adafruit’s Limor Fried to discuss her views on 3D printing. Here’s the interview:    Fabbaloo: Adafruit recently partnered with MakerBot


The Adafruit-Flavored MakerBot

Do you build electronics projects? Do you 3D print objects? Do you print 3D cases for your electronics projects? If you answered yes to any


Do You Carbomorph?

Carbomorph is a new, experimental material for 3D printing that promises to add a whole new range of capabilities with its ability to embed sensors


The RA 3D Printer Controller

It’s not a 3D printer, but you could make one with it. It’s the RA 3D printer controller, now showing on Kickstarter.    The project


3D Printing Electrical Circuit Discovery?

We’re reading about a group of researchers at Stanford who have concocted new gel-like substance that has some very interesting properties. We think the electrically


More Metal Printing Experiments

The RepRap team continue to develop methods of printing electrical conductors. If they succeed, it would be possible for future 3D printers to print objects


3D Printed Curvilinear Antennae

Researchers at the Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory at Illinois have achieved something never before accomplished: printing an electronic antenna onto a curved surface. Why


PC Board Printed

We just noticed this development that was posted last July: a RepRap 3D printer was used to print a circuit board. Well, not completely –


Ponoko’s Electronics

Distributed manufacturing service Ponoko has added some new materials to their shelf. Actually a *lot* of new items, and they are electronic! No, you’re not


Get Ready for Printed Electronics

We were all quite impressed when the RepRap printer managed to reproduce itself some months ago. But in fact the reproduction was only of its


Battery Printing

  Leslie Gordon of Machine Design.com writes on the possibilities of printing electronics, and specifically batteries. We all know that 3D printers can easily create

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