Dan’s 1st Law of Drawings

Dan’s 1st Law of Drawings

An engineering drawing is a specialized type of communication tool. It’s also a contract.


More Engineering Materials From MakerBot

MakerBot announced the availability of two new materials for their METHOD X platform, including PC-ABS and a fire-resistant version.


RIZE Makes A Materials Deal With Sindoh

Two 3D printer companies have made an arrangement for use of materials: certain Sindoh equipment will be able to make use of RIZE materials. 


MakerBot Fills In The Materials Gap

MakerBot has bridged their materials gap with a new program that partners with multiple 3D printing materials providers.

$makergear industrial 3D printer

The MakerGear Ultra One 3D Printer

We had a closer look at MakerGear’s new and powerful 3D printer, the Ultra One, their first industrial machine.


Book of the Week: CAD Engineering Essentials

This week’s selection is “CAD Engineering Essentials: Hands-on Help for Small Manufacturers and Smart Technical People (No Nonsense Manual Book 3)” by Mark Lynch.


Why Is 3D Metal Printing So Challenging?

Those familiar with polymer 3D printing will recall the challenges of successful printing, but that’s nothing compared to the requirements of 3D metal printing. 


The Fabricatus Desktop Engineering 3D Printer

An entirely new desktop 3D printer designed for engineering use, specifically for injection molds, has been announced today by Avante Technology. 


And After You Learn 3D CAD…

I’m reading an interesting post on GrabCAD by Khadija Ouajjani that discusses the testing of a 3D design.


Design for Purpose

People who are new to personal 3D printing sometimes learn the hard way that you must design for purpose. 

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