Is 3D Printing Green? Could It Be Green?

I’m reading a piece on the greenness of 3D printing and realized there is so much more to the sustainability picture of 3D printing.


Biodegradable ABS 3D Printer Filament?

We’re looking at an offering from 3DPrintLife, who now sell a peculiar bio-friendly version of ABS plastic they call “Enviro”. 


WillowFlex: Flexible, Friendly Filament

Berlin-based BioInspiration has produced a new flexible 3D printer filament that has an unusual property: it’s compostable. 


Can 3D Printing Combat Climate Change?

A piece in The Bulletin proposes that 3D printing could be used to help stop climate change. But is this really possible? 


More Evidence of 3D Printing’s Greenness

After our green filament post earlier discussion of 3D printing greenness continued and resulted in a pointer to a document posted by the American Chemical


The Smells of 3D Printing

Everyone is fascinated by the process of 3D printing. Objects seem to appear (albeit slowly) right out of thin air. Beyond the visual experience, most

Open Source 3-D Printer Design Competition

Queen’s University and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada are sponsoring a new competition for sustainable development. The competition asks that you


3D Printing is a Cleantech Innovation

Pike Research, whose tagline is “Cleantech Market Intelligence” posted a report listing “Five Disruptive Cleantech Innovations”. These, we presume, are technologies that should deliver dramatic


3D Printed Crabs

No, we’re not talking about pretty little crab toys you can print and hand out to your 8 year old nephew. Instead we’re talking about


Carbon Credits Required For 3D Makers?

We’re reading a piece on GearFuse that reviews a short video of folks designing and printing some very cool salt and pepper shakers – but


Geological 3D Printing

  It’s not only geological, it’s also transcontinental! What are we speaking of? It’s an incredible proposal from architectural student Magnus Larsson, whose idea is

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