The Rise Of The German 3D Printing Subsidiary

The Rise Of The German 3D Printing Subsidiary

Germany is Europe’s largest market for 3D printing and continues to attract new business — including from existing companies establishing operations in the country.

aleph objects

Aleph Objects Opens European HQ

Aleph Objects has opened the doors to business in Europe with its new HQ in the Netherlands.


See, 3D Printing is Definitely Not Dead

In spite of the stream of ridiculous mainstream media posts on the “death of 3D printing”, there are plenty of good news stories, too. Here’s two. 


Fabbaloo to Invade the Netherlands

Next week our team will be on the ground in Amsterdam to attend the AMShow at the RAI exhibition centre. 


MakerBot’s New Service Strategy

MakerBot announced the creation of eight “Authorized ServiceCenters” in Europe. How does this fit into their strategy?

3D Printshow

3D Printshow Hits Madrid

3D Printshow has vastly expanded its slate of events in 2015 and the first event takes place in Madrid, Spain. 


Europe has a Space 3D Printer, Too

With all the buzz surrounding NASA’s experimental 3D printer, currently on the International Space Station, you may not have heard that the Europeans also have a space 3D printer. 


Fabbaloo Visits iGo3D

iGo3D is a German-based retail chain specializing in 3D printing  gear. We took a close look at their operations. 


Fabbaloo Visits EuroMold

This week our team will be on the ground in Frankfurt, Germany attending the annual EuroMold trade show. 


London’s First Maker Faire

London’s first Maker Faire took place yesterday (Elephant and Castle Mini Maker Faire).


The Zinter PRO 3D Printer

UK-based Ion Core Ltd’s Zinter PRO 3D Printer could be an interesting option for 3D printer buyers. 


Omni3D’s Many 3D Printers

You may not have heard of Omni3D, but you should. They offer not one, but FOUR different personal 3D printers. 


Sharebot’s NG 3D Printer

Sharebot released it’s latest personal 3D printer, the “NG” and we took a look at it. 


The ECV-One 3D Printer

There’s a new personal 3D printer from French-based e-crew vis: the ECV-One. This printer does offer some unusual features. 


The Be3D DeeOrange 3D Printer

The Be3D DeeOrange is a small personal 3D printer assembled by a Czech company with 20 years of experience in engineering and technology. Available for


Sculpteo Partners with French Post Office

France-based 3D print service Sculpteo has partnered with the French post office, La Poste, to provide 3D print services at three locations in the Paris


Bee The First – A Portable 3D Printer

We managed to get a first hand look at a very unique 3D printer, BeeTheFirst from Portugal-based BeeVeryCreative.    While the device has mechanical characteristics


Finland’s miniFactory 3D Printer

We managed to check out a 3D printer from Finland: the Mini Factory and found it has several interesting features that differentiate it from other


The KentStrapper Volta 3D Printer

We examined the Italian KentStrapper Volta 3D printer and found a very solid design. The Volta uses a laser-cut wood frame, unlike other models that


Off To EuroMold!

This week we’re traveling to Frankfurt, Germany to take in this year’s EuroMold trade show. If you don’t know, EuroMold is the world’s largest event


The WitBox 3D Printer

There’s an explosion of extrusion-based personal 3D printers occurring now, with new entries emerging from all corners. One of them is the WitBox by Spanish


Want To Catch Up in London?

It seems we’re in the UK often lately – and the trend continues this week as we visit the 3D Printshow.    While we’re in


3D Printshow Nears

For those of you located in or near London, there’s an easy way to get introduced to the magic technology of 3D printing. Simply attend


WITbox, The Spanish 3D Printer

It doesn’t really speak Spanish, but it was made in Spain by the folks at Marcha Technology and distributed by Ultra-Lab of Madrid. The WITbox


Another 3D Printer Found in a Retail Store

First was MakerBot’s single retail store experiment in downtown NYC, then 3D Systems struck a deal with Staples to offer the Cube 3D printer in


Finland Looks to Enter the 3D Printing Market

In a recently announced partnership, the Institute of Photonics at the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and Dutch company LUXeXceL will partner together to create


A Spanish 3D Print Service

We’ve learned of a 3D print service based in Spain: Fabber.cc. This service provides basic 3D printing services, providing prints in ABS or PLA plastic. 


Ultra-Lab Sells MakerBots

We’ve just discovered that MakerBot has yet another reseller, this time in Spain. Ultra-Lab sells the full line of MakerBot devices, including the Replicator Dual


Der Spiegel on 3D Printing

We’ve previously seen such mainstream publications as The Economist, Forbes and The Atlantic bring 3D printing to the attention of their readers. Now Der Spiegel


Attending Euromold?

Are you visiting Euromold this week? We are! Euromold is the “World Fair for Moldmaking and Tooling, Design and Application Development”, where we’re likely to


MakerBot Expands Retail Presence in Europe

Shortly after opening its own dedicated retail shop in New York, MakerBot announced it’s pursuing retail arrangements in France. They’ve partnered with le FabShop to


A Swiss 3D Printer Seller

We just noticed a business selling 3D printers in Switzerland. Zurich-based 3D-Model (German: 3D Drucker kaufen) appears to resell a variety of 3D Systems gear,


3D Printing Event Next Week

Don’t forget to attend the 3D Printing Event in Eindhoven, Netherlands next week if you happen to be nearby. The event now includes over 30


EuroMold Set For November

The definitive conference for 3D printing seems to be Euromold, a large manufacturing conference held in Frankfurt, Germany each November. It’s called the “World Fair


Nick Ervnick’s Sculptures

Belgian sculptor Nick Ervnick has been working with Materialise to print several of his works for exhibition.    One of his sculptures is featured in


Neri Oxman Exhibition Video

Oh, you DIDN’T manage to get to Paris to view Neri Oxman’s astonishing display of multicolor 3D prints at Centre Pompidou? We managed to do


Master’s Degree in Direct Manufacturing Offered

We’ve learned that the Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona now offer a Master’s Degree in Direct Manufacturing


The 3DPrintShow In London

In London this October is the 3DPrintShow, three days of exhibitions and shows all about 3D printing.    Taking place from October 19th through the


Fashion and Jewelry 3D Printing Workshop

Interested in fashion or jewelry design? Want to do it with 3D printing technology? If so, you may want to attend one of the workshops



Are you in need of supplies for your 3D printer? Do you live in Switzerland? If you answered yes to both questions, you’ll be pleased


A Visit With IPF

While in London recently we had a rather long lunch meeting with Gary Miller of IPF, a.k.a. Industrial Plastic Fabrications, a growing 3D print service


Fabbaloo Visits London

It’s time for a road trip! As luck would have it, Fabbaloo will be visiting London this coming week. We’ll be hanging around the city


Industrial Revolution 2.0 Held Over

What? You weren’t able to attend the London Design Festival this year and missed out seeing Murray Moss’s “Industrial Revolution 2.0” display? Well, now you


Industrial Revolution 2.0

Industrial Revolution 2.0 is the name of a special event taking place at this year’s London Design Festival. This event is located at the Victoria


The V&A Goes 3D

If you’re visiting London soon, we’d recommend you spend some time at the Victoria and Albert Museum, home of incredible deisgns of all kinds. Typically


3D Printing Event Coming Soon!

We’ve learned of an important 3D printing event taking place in Eindhoven, the Netherlands this October 25th. The event is named, not surprisingly, the “3D


The Mercury Centre At Sheffield U

Thanks to a huge GBP 5M grant from the European Regional Development Fund, Sheffield University’s Mercury Centre is set to expand by adding five new


Rethinking Education Through Technology

If you happen to be in the top end of the Italian peninsula this weekend, you might consider attending a seminar put on by the


Ponoko Arriva in Italia

Distributed manufacturing hub Ponoko continues its invasion of Europe by opening an Italian front. They’ve partnered with a local fabrication shop, Vectorealism, to produce your


Another Hobby 3D Printer: The Ultimaker

There seems to be a sudden rash of open source, low-cost 3D printer kits lately. In addition to the usual suspects (MakerBot, RepRap, Fab@Home and


The Parallellipipeda Exhibition

The Singularity Hub reports on an exhibition taking place at the M Museum in Leuven, Belgium, where the Parallellipipeda Project attempts to leverage the Parallelepiped



As we suspected a short while ago, Ponoko has announced a new build location in Europe. The new hub will be located in Berlin, and


Ponoko Mystery?

New Zealand-based personal manufacturing service Ponoko has posed a mystery with an obscure post on their blog. The entire text of the post is: Hello


MCOR Matrix 300

The Irish MCOR scientists still believe they can print 3D objects on paper – and they are correct! This past week they announced their latest


MCOR Exhibits in the UK

MCOR, who market a unique 3D printer based on paper media, have been doing significant marketing lately. This time they are participating at the 100%


(Un)Limited Design Contest!

  The Dutch FabLabs have organized a design contest that may be of interest to Fabbaloo readers. According to Bas van Abel, Creative Director of



  We just bumped into another interesting 3D print service, this one based in Rome, Italy: SOLIDO. While they deliver only to Europe, they do

Chaos for 3D Printing at 25c3

The annual Chaos Communication Conference takes place in Berlin this December, and the call for papers has been issued. Categories include: Hacking, Socieiy, Culture, Community,



A new lab opens today (25 June 2008) in Utrecht, Netherlands: Protospace. They offer lab-space for prototypers and various equipment, including 3D printers (Z Corp).

Tailor-Made Bones… by an AI

The Guardian reports on just-in-time fabbed titanium bone replacements. But that’s not what the story is really about. Siavash Mahdavi faced the problem of producing

Fabbing Fabrics

Technothreads is an exhibition taking place in Dublin, Ireland from 26 April to 25 July 2008. The purpose of the exhibition is to offer a


Zapped by ZapFab!

A tipster put us onto a new 3D print service: ZapFab. This Manchester, UK-based business is a bit different than your run-of-the-mill “send us your


DesktopFactory Wins Netxplorateur Award

The French Netxplorateur Forum has selected DesktopFactory as the recipient of their Netxplorateur of the Year award. DesktopFactory is one of only 10 of the

3D Printing Assists Cardiac Procedure

As usual, inventive minds are developing innovative uses for 3D printing. This time European medical technicians developed an “anatomically correct 3D rapid prototyping model” of


Psychological Experiment Uses Fabbing

3D printing is being used to manufacture custom objects for psychological experiments. The shapes are of typical objects, but they are not robust enough for


Stratasys Focuses

Stratasys, makers of the interesting FDM 900MC digital manufacturing system, have dropped marketing of the Arcam line of devices. They had been marketing the European-based


More 3D Figurine Services

There seems to be a sudden outbreak of services for printing 3D figures lately. Fabjectory has been around for a while, but the blogosphere was


3D Printing… on PAPER!

This one is a total surprise to me. I thought I had heard of all techniques for 3D printing – until today, when I read


RedEye Goes European

RedEye RPM is opening a new “European rapid prototyping and direct digital manufacturing center in Leuven, Belgium.” RedEye is a sub of Stratasys, which produces

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