ExOne Takes a COVID-19 Hit

ExOne Takes A COVID-19 Hit

ExOne announced their financial results for the quarter, and it seems they’ve incurred some COVID-19 effects.

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ExOne’s New X1 160PRO Metal 3D Printer

ExOne announced a huge new metal 3D printer, the X1 160PRO, which can provide large-scale metal additive manufacturing capability to industry.


ExOne’s Timing Challenges

ExOne suffered a substantial loss in stock price, but what are the reasons behind this and why did it happen?


The ExOne Innovent+ 3D Printer

ExOne made is mostly known for their larger equipment, but they also make smaller gear, like the Innovent+ 3D printer. 


Making Better Carbon Stuff

An interesting partnership has resulted in a new material for 3D printing. 


Corporate: ExOne Changes Things Up

A sudden announcement from 3D printer manufacturer ExOne describes some changes in the company’s approach to their US operations. 


ExOne Under Fire After Scathing Report

In a recent article at Street Sweeper, Sonya Colberg has accused 3D Printer company ExOne of “diluting investors’ shares to raise millions just six months


ExOne Stock Tumbles

The stock price of ExOne, makers of high-end commercial 3D printers specializing in sand and metal printing, took a 15% tumble yesterday – in sharp


ExOne’s IPO Is Hugely Successful

We mentioned the other day that ExOne, makers of 3D printers capable of printing in metal, sand and glass, went public by launching an IPO


ExOne Goes Public!

There are very few 3D printing companies that you can invest in. Most are privately held, with the major exceptions of 3D Systems and Stratasys

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