LulzBot Adds 1.75mm Filament Support

LulzBot Adds 1.75mm Filament Support

We’ve just heard that FAME 3D, the new owners of LulzBot, have made a deal to provide 1.75mm filament support for LulzBot 3D printers.


MakerBot Fills In The Materials Gap

MakerBot has bridged their materials gap with a new program that partners with multiple 3D printing materials providers.

b3 innovations

Pico Hybrid Hot End Arrives!

Metaform is about to launch a very powerful hybrid 3D printer hot end that is not only very tiny, but can 3D print both flexible and higher temperature materials.


The TRILAB DeltiQ 2 3D Printer

The powerful DeltiQ 2 3D Printer from TRILAB includes a surprise extrusion system that allows easy 3D printing of flexible material.

die cast

E3D-Online Announces The Hermes System

E3D-Online announced a breakthrough 3D printing extruder / hot end system called Hermes. It offers a very powerful feature, yet is still low priced.


What’s In E3D-Online’s Mystery Boxes?

E3D-Online produces some of the highest-quality 3D printer components used in the industry, and now you can obtain a batch of them at very low cost.

$3D food printing nozzle

A Coaxial 3D Print Extruder?

Ever heard of a coaxial nozzle for 3D printing? This is an experimental version being used for unusual food 3D printing.

$E3D-Online Story

E3D-Online’s Origin Story

We had a chat with E3D-Online co-founder Sanjay Mortimer to find out more about the company.


The PotterBot Evolves

Since we last looked at the PotterBot two years ago, it seems there have been many improvements. 


LulzBot’s New Micro Toolhead

LulzBot unexpectedly announced a new toolhead suitable for very, very tiny 3D prints. 


BigRep Working on Unusual Extruder

According to insiders, it seems that BigRep is secretly developing a potentially revolutionary new 3D printer extruder. 


Are Pellets Better Than Filament?

A company has introduced an attachment for desktop 3D printers to use pellets instead of filament. 


The Several Methods of Dual Extrusion

With the increasing buzz over the near-necessity of dual extrusion, we thought we’d say a few words about how this is done. 


How to Speed Up 3D Printing?

Researchers at Binghamton University have explored ways to theoretically increase the speed of filament-based 3D printing systems. 


E3D Announces the Titan Aero

3D printer hardware maker E3D-Online announced today the Titan Aero, an interesting combo product. 


What Does “CoreXY” Mean?

When reviewing the specs for 3D printers, you might encounter the term “CoreXY”. What is a “CoreXY” system?


3D Platform’s Powerful New Extruders

You might be familiar with 3D Platform, a company dedicated to making large-format 3D printers. Now it seems they’re working on ways to make large prints much faster. 


Airwolf 3D’s New Direct Drive Option

Desktop 3D printer manufacturer Airwolf3D announced a new option for their AXIOM and AXIOMe 3D printers: direct drive. 


Multi-Nozzle Desktop 3D Printers Just Died

I’ve never been a big fan of dual (or more) nozzle 3D printers because of the problems inherent in the design, but now, perhaps, that style may be heading out with a development from Prusa Research. 


Dyze Design’s New DyzeXtruder GT

Montreal’s Dyze Design has released a new version of their 3D printer extruder mechanism and it seems to include many interesting design features. 


A Pasty Option For Ultimaker 3D Printing

Strucur3D announced they’ve established an intimate relationship with Ultimaker to enable plug-and-play paste extrusion on Ultimaker equipment. 


Open Edge’s Strange But Amazing 3D Print Nozzle

Open Edge first appeared years ago when they began with the FoldaRap folding 3D printer, but now they’re on to something quite interesting: a very sophisticated nozzle. 


3D Printer “Dough Cannon” Struggles

A Kickstarter project to develop a unique extruder specifically for 3D printed dough seems to be having trouble raising funds. 


Discov3ry Paste Extruder Ships

Remember that unusual paste extruder for 3D printers, the Discov3ry? It’s now shipping. 


The X-truder 3D Print Head

We’re checking out a new product being crowdfunded: the X-truder dual nozzle 3D printer head assembly. 


Maizena 3D Prints with Liquid Polymers

You’ll need some plastic filament for your extruder, correct? Not so if you happen to use an extruder from Maizena. It prints liquid!


MakerBot’s Extruder Woes?

MakerBot introduced an advanced extruder earlier this year, but it seems people are having trouble with it. 


The Goliat Extruder

Several companies now develop and market high-performance 3D printing extruders. Poland-based Tytan 3D is one of them. 


E3Dv6 Hotend Released

E3D released the latest version of their high-performance hotend for extrusion-based 3D printers. 

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