Book of the Week: The Diamond Age

This week’s selection is “The Diamond Age: or A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer”, by Neal Stephenson.


3D Printing’s Rule 34

Charles Stross’s latest science fiction novel, Rule 34, includes a whole lot of deep thinking on the implications of widespread 3D printing. We’ve discussed some


An Ode To Digital Fabrication

It’s not every day you’re contacted by a Finnish professor working for an American university in Doha, Qatar who explains that he’s written a poem


Sterling’s Kiosk

It’s possible that Science Fiction inspired the creation of 3D Printing; we’ll never know for sure. That inspiration continues today, as we recently listened to


Possessions are Over!

Writer Bruce Sterling fantasizes a new flat near Old Street Station in London. Apparently he’s a bit short on facilities right now: As yet, I


Makers, by Doctorow

Author and activist Cory Doctorow’s latest novel, Makers, paints a picture of the future as influenced by the maker communities of today. From Random House

Fabbing = Teleportation

Well, it happened faster than we had anticipated, but there are now people teleporting objects using 3D printing technology. De Zeen Design Magazine has a


Personal Fabbing In Science Fiction

Cory Doctorow, notable science fiction writer and Boing Boing blogger, published a futuristic story last month in Forbes magazine. The story paints an interesting picture

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