11,500 Unique 3D Printed Figurines

This is a bit old now, but I just noticed it this week: a company 3D printed thousands of 3D models for their conference attendees.


Has Figurine 3D Printing Caught On?

When I started in 3D printing some ten years ago, it was an open question as to what successful application would take on 3D printing aside from prototyping. 


3DP Unlimited’s Whole-Person 3D Print

3DP Unlimited manufactures some very large 3D printers, and now they’ve demonstrated exactly how large by 3D printing their own staff! 


Amazon’s 3D Printed Figurine Service

Amazon’s 3D print marketplace now includes a number of highly-detailed 3D printed figurines of characters from popular video games. 


A Review of Autodesk’s Tinkerplay

Autodesk have been making a big push into the 3D printing software space, mostly with free software like the fantastic Meshmixer. 


Imagine 3D Miniatures

Did you know there’s a service where you can customize 3D printable gaming miniatures?


Can You Be 3D Scanned?

We recently were contacted by a reader interested in 3D scanning  a person. The answers to their questions may be of interest to other readers, too. 


Few Limits to 3D Print Size

A project by Poland’s Fucco Design created replicas of large church figurines in wood. 


The DOOBLICATOR Scanning System

The technology of instantaneous 3D figure scanning became more accessible with the release of the DOOBLICATOR, a 3D scanning booth. 


Giant Creature 3D Printed

Some folks have 3D printed a truly gigantic monster that might be one the largest 3D prints ever attempted. 


Whoopass Drops 3D Printing

Whoopass is a bobble head manufacturer. You’d think they could make great use of 3D printing technology, but it didn’t work out for them. 


The Ultimate Ronin

While some may 3D print their own doorstops or coathooks, others use their 3D printer to produce incredible objects. 


Stick Your Head in that Digiteyezer

Person-scanning devices are suddenly sprouting everywhere, but there’s one that might have an edge on the others. 


Klone World

At CES we encountered Klone World in the 3D Systems’ booth. Klone World is a service that provides the increasingly popular ability to implant your


Skip the Draft; Cubify Gets You Into the NBA Now

Cubify announced another terrific addition to their “3DMe” service, which puts your face on different 3D printed figurines. The awkwardly named but legally correct “3DMe™


Captured Dimensions Captures Your Dimensions

A new, sophisticated and highly specialized 3D print service has launched: Captured Dimensions. This 3D print service focuses on producing full-color 3D figurines based on


Coca Cola 3D Prints Mini-Me’s

Here’s an interesting marketing angle: Coca Cola Israel recently launched their new “mini bottle”. To promote it they offered a free 3D print of the


L’Altrome Launches

We’ve been directed to a new Italian service that can produce full-color 3D printed figurines based on your own image.    The service is similar


Cubify’s Next Generation

You might recall Cubify’s 3DMe app that puts your head on a custom 3D printed Star Trek figurine? The next generation of the app now


My3DTwin Makes… You!

A new service based in the UK can produce a full color 3D print of people. The service requires an in-person visit to their studio


3D Printed Ponies!

Across the world today many people have 3D printers, but what do they make with them? We’re seeing inventive folks focus on very specific categories


Sad Keanu: A 3D Printed Meme

In 2010 paparazzi snapped a pic of actor Keanu Reeves sitting on a bench and looking a bit dejected. The image quickly exploded into an


3D Print Yourself in Carbonite At Disney

Disney is re-opening their D-Tech Star Wars experience at their Hollywood Studios part on May 17th. Why are we so interested in this? Because among


Cubify Launches 3DMe

Billed as “Personalized 3D Printed Figurines”, the new Cubify 3DMe service does just that. Upload a photo of a face and paste it on one


3D Printed Business Figures

Everyone hands out business cards – it’s been the standard method of exchanging business information for a very long time. But now Nanning de Jong


Sandboxr’s Figurine Service

There’s another 3D print service about to emerge: Sandboxr. It’s specialized for the easy creation of 3D figurines using a friendly interactive interface.    The


Another 123App: Creature

Autodesk has been rapidly adding apps to their free suite of consumer 3D apps, with the most recent addition being 123D Creature, with which you


Mixee Me Launches

There’s always room for another design-it-yourself service and today is the launch of Mixee Me, a service specializing in personal design of figurines.    The


MakieLab Makes Makies

We’ve seen some very specific applications of 3D printing where end-users may choose limited customization for picture frames, robots, etc. Today we’re looking at Makielab’s


Order Your Own Mini-Me

3D Print service Sculpteo now offers the ability to print a figurine with your own head on it! The process is pretty straightforward: take two


FigurePrints Revisited

Quite some time ago we reported on a unique service: FigurePrints. It’s a totally niche 3D print service, but what’s the niche? They print custom


The Painted Terminator

The Herald of Anguish is a “non-profit project aiming to make a 3D-animated clip of an intense fight between a squad of Blood Angels Terminators


Printing A Beautiful Figurine

There are quite a number of people who collect and design figurines, those small humanoid representations. Actually, this has been going on for a very


The Karbon Kids

We were tipped towards a new service: The Karbon Kids. This service takes an approach similar to others, where the complexities of 3D modelling and



Z Corp has taken another step to integrate its equipment into the personal manufacturing cycle. Recently they struck a deal with Bentley software to link


Round the Clock FigurePrints

  You’ll recall FigurePrints, the 3D print service that specializes in transforming your World of Warcraft avatar into an actual, hold-in-your-hand figurine. It seems they’ve


3dtotal GrowIts a Service

The variety of 3D printing services continues to astound us. This time we have a partnership arrangement between 3dtotal (“The CG Artist’s Homepage) and GrowIt


Rock Band 2 is 3D!

We posted about Rock Band 2 preparing a way to produce a 3D print of your character, and now it’s actually available to the public!


More Avatars on the Way

  Previously we’ve seen services that print World of Warcraft avatars (Figureprints) and others that print Second Life avatars (Fabjectory), but now comes a new

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