The Cheap Filament Option

The Cheap Filament Option

Many Fabbaloo readers consume a lot of 3D printer materials, and that can be expensive. But there are ways to reduce costs.

LulzBot Adds 1.75mm Filament Support

LulzBot Adds 1.75mm Filament Support

We’ve just heard that FAME 3D, the new owners of LulzBot, have made a deal to provide 1.75mm filament support for LulzBot 3D printers.


BigRep Releases Two New 3D Print Materials

BigRep announced the availability of two new materials for their large-format 3D printers, ABS and ASA, and this could open up many more new applications.


1.75 vs 2.85mm Filament Showdown

Where did the two 3D printer filament diameters come from and what is the difference? Which one is better?


How To Use A 3D Print Temperature Tower

One of the key techniques that should be used by 3D printer operators is the “Temperature Tower”. We explain how to use them.


What’s With The Silk Filaments?

There’s increasing interest in “silk” 3D printer filaments, which are astonishingly shiny and now available from mainstream materials providers.


The Even Better Modix 3D Printers

Modix has upgraded their line of large-format 3D printers to what they call “version 3”. But that version actually includes a huge list of powerful improvements.


A Much Better Soluble Support Material

VXL’s 3D printing materials are finally becoming more well-known after they began marketing directly to the public, including their non-hygroscopic soluble support material.

3d pen

An Interview With A 3D Pen Artist

Katherine Bialek is an accomplished 3D pen artist. We learned her secrets of how to efficiently build complex 3D designs with only a 3D pen.


An Update On RePLAy 3D

RePLAy 3D contacted us to explain more details about the nature of their unusual 3D printer filament recycling service.

3d printlife

An Eco-Safe Water Soluble Support Material

Most 3D printer soluble support materials are not particularly eco-friendly, but 3D Printlife’s 3D-SOLVE is a very safe option for ABS and other engineering materials.


The PrintDry Filament Dryer 2.0

PrintDry released an updated version of their popular desktop 3D printer filament dryer, which can dramatically increase the quality of hydroscopic 3D printer materials such as nylon.


3DEVO Expands to North America

3DEVO is opening an office in the USA to market their desktop filament maker, and this is a significant milestone for the company and the 3D printing industry.


Goofoo: 3D Printers from China

Goofoo is a China-based manufacturer of good quality 3D printers available at low prices. We took a look at some of their models.


3devo Focusing On Customer Training

Is it really possible to produce your own 3D printer filaments? 3devo seems to have figured out not only the hardware to do so, but also the process.


Surprise! Prusa Announces MINI 3D Printer

Prusa Research announced a brand new desktop 3D printer, the Original Prusa MINI. Its surprisingly low price will enable almost anyone to obtain a quality 3D printer.


Ultimaker Announces S3 Professional 3D Printer

Need a professional level desktop 3D printer? The new Ultimaker S3 is not only powerful, but also affordable and includes many ease-of-use features.

browns brain

The BB023 Spool Tracker

How much filament is left on that spool? If you don’t know, you might need a spool tracking device. The BB023 fits on a 3D printer and counts the length remaining.

$ASA Filament For 3D Printers

ASA 3D Printer Filament For The Masses

Have you ever used ASA 3D printer filament? A new offering from Prusa Research may provide a trigger for many 3D printer operators to begin using this powerful material.

$3D Print Materials Tips

3D Print Learning Series: Materials

This is an entry in our 3D Print Learning Series, focusing on the different materials possible in 3D printing.


BASF Launches Steel Filament: Ultrafuse 316L

Want to 3D print metal objects at lower cost? One answer could be to use BASF’s new Ultrafuse 316L stainless steel filament that works in many 3D printers.

$Search For 3D Printer Filaments

10,500 Filaments Now in Filaments.directory Catalog

Looking for a particular 3D printer filament? One great service to help is Filaments.directory, whose extensive database of materials can be easily searched.

$sindoh open materials

A Change Of Heart At Sindoh?

After a discussion with Sindoh representatives, it seems the company may be changing their strategy regarding materials.


The Curious IVI 3D Printer

I’m looking at some details on an upcoming 3D printer that seems too good to believe.


The Spül Tracker Is Coming

There seems to be a very interesting 3D printing accessory in the works, the “Spül Tracker”.

customer service

Troubles At Maker Geeks

There’s a bit of controversy surrounding US-based filament producer Maker Geeks.


Has Essentium Reinvented 3D Printing?

Call us impressed. Essentium’s new HSE 180•S seems like a 3D printer utterly different from its competitors.

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